Athletes come to the practice of yoga with muscle tightness from hours spent training and little time in their weekly schedules for lengthy sessions. At the height of the season, they often disappear from yoga classes altogether in favor of demanding sport-specific training, yet it is then that yoga can be most beneficial.

Sage Rountree makes it easy for athletes to reap the benefits of yoga year-round. The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga is set up to complement a rigorous training schedule. Athletes will find:

  • 50 yoga routines with poses selected specifically for endurance athletes
  • 5-minute warm-ups to prepare for daily workouts
  • Strength sessions for the off-season and base periods
  • Flexibility sessions for when training grows more demanding, including 20-minute flexibility routines designed to follow workouts
  • Focus sessions incorporating breath exercises and meditation to improve recovery and sharpen mental toughness for competition

Armed with this pocket guide, athletes can incorporate yoga into their training all year long. A spiral binding makes it easy to display pages during each routine, and attractive color photographs fluidly detail the individual poses. Sage also includes tips to simplify trickier poses or vary the routine from one session to the next.

Careful consideration of the athlete’s needs has earned Sage Rountree a committed following, and her newest book delivers a practical approach to yoga that will make good athletes better.

Spiral-bound. Color photographs throughout.
6″ x 7″, 160 pp., $15.95, 9781934030417

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