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The Brave Athlete solves the 13 most common mental conundrums athletes face in their everyday training and in races. 

Whether you’re facing your first 5K or lining up at the World Championships, endurance sports are hard, but veteran athletes know that the training is often the easiest part. The most difficult barriers to success in endurance sports are psychological and emotional, not physical. Yet sports science tends to focus on the quantifiable, neglecting to address the mental aspects of training that can bring far greater performance improvements to athletes than little tweaks to workouts and training schedules.

In their groundbreaking book, The Brave Athlete, professional triathlete Lesley Paterson and her husband, world-leading sports psychology expert Dr. Simon Marshall, solve the 13 most common mental conundrums athletes face in their everyday training and in races. This book does not offer the same old positive self-talk and achievable goal setting sort of popular psychology that is well-worn among endurance athletes. No: The Brave Athlete is a practical, step-by-step, mental toughness tool chest to fix you and help you start kicking ass and taking names.

Paterson and Dr. Marshall will guide you through a complete mental toughness overhaul starting by pinpointing the mental weaknesses that affect you most. You will learn practical skills to avoid the thought patterns you don’t want and discover research-based methods to overcome and replace them. You will master your inner demons, bolster your training and racing, manage injury and illness, ensure a healthy relationship with food and eating, and stay in the good graces of your friends and family.

The Brave Athlete will guide you to new speed and joy in your sport by convincing you, from top to bottom, that you can be the athlete you want to be, free and clear of the mental barriers that have been holding you back. Endurance sports demand courage, determination, and the ability to pull yourself from mental pitfalls. Applying new science and hard-earned wisdom, The Brave Athlete gets down and dirty to conquer real problems faced by athletes in all sports and at all levels.

The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion
Dr. Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson
Paperback with full-color interior with tables and worksheets throughout.
6″ x  8 1/4″, 360 pp., $24.95, 9781937715731

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