Mountain bikers will reap the benefits of a more deliberate and efficient training program with the help of Coach Joe Friel. If results are the goal, training should not be left to guesswork or the “ride-until-you-drop” mentality. Friel is renown for his proven methodology, which is based on science and built around the individual rider. The Mountain Biker’s Training Bible enables cyclists to:

  • Develop a systematic and comprehensive training program
  • Train more efficiently
  • Become an effective self-coach
  • Improve performance through strength work, stretching, record-keeping, and smart nutrition
  • Set realistic goals for training and racingOff-road cyclists, from novice to professional levels, will become more successful with Friel’s scientific approach to mountain biking.

Paperback. B&w photos, illustrations, tables, and charts throughout.
8 1/2″ x 11″, 328 pp., $19.95, 9781884737718

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