The Dirt on All Things Trail Running


Trailhead is a witty, fun guide to all things trail running.

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Trailhead is a witty, fun guide to all things trail running. Veteran trail runner, triathlete, and adventure racer Lisa Jhung offers this illustrated pocket guide to all runners curious about running off road or wanting to run farther into the backcountry. She offers authoritative advice on everything from how to find good trails to run, how to choose the best shoes and clothing, how to carry enough water, and how to stay safe from wildlife and weather.

Trailhead includes:

  • The allure: Why trail running is good for body and mind
  • The essentials: Finding good trails, choosing the best trail running gear, handling trail and weather conditions, what you need to know about nutrition and hydration
  • Safety: How to treat (and avoid) common trail running injuries, first aid, animal safety
  • Etiquette: Right of way, preserving the trail, when nature calls
  • Company: Running alone, with friends, with dogs—or burros!
  • Stronger, faster: At-home exercises to enhance your running
  • Going long: Preparing for longer trail runs or trail races

Trailhead is a smart, entertaining read as well as a thorough resource for everyone from aspiring trail runners to those looking to get the most out of every trail run, whether in a city park or on a mountain adventure.

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Trailhead: The Dirt on All Things Trail Running
Lisa Jhung
Paperback with two-color interior and 70 illustrations by Charlie Layton
5″ x 7″, 264 pp., $18.95, 9781937715328

Trailhead: The Dirt on All Things Trail Running

Paperback. Two-color interior and 70 illustrations by Charlie Layton.

Shipping Dimensions: 5.00in x 7.00in x .6in 264pp $18.95, Inventory 9781937715328, Shipping .7lbs

Welcome to the Trail

1 Why: Your Body
2 Why: Your Mind
3 How: Where to Go
4 How: Gear
5 How: Conditions
6 How: Nutrition
7 Safety: Animals
8 Safety: First Aid
9 Etiquette
10 Company: Running with Human or Animal Friends
11: How, Part II: Getting Stronger and Faster
12: How, Part II: Trail Racing

About the Author and Illustrator

Preview book.

“Thorough, witty, and beautifully illustrated, this guide to our excellent sport will inform and entertain.” – Trail Magazine

“With it’s well-named title, Trailhead immediately acknowledges that every trail runner has to begin somewhere…For newbies, Jhung offers valuable advice to get you on the trail fast and current trail addicts will find tips to make the trails even more fun and safe…A great manual for new and seasoned trail runners.” – TriEdge

“Whether you’re a seasoned off-roader or you’ve never run in the forest, you’ll be tickled by Lisa Jhung’s Trailhead. This pocket-sized book delivers everything you need to know about the art and science of running on trails.” – Women’s Running magazine

“An easy-to-read pocket-book that addresses every topic imaginable…lighthearted yet straightforward about key topics…Trailhead is thorough yet entertaining resource with an abundance of practical advice.” – Canadian Running magazine

“In Trailhead, Jhung explains how experienced trail runners can become fitter, faster, and more confident, while also showing how trail running is for anyone.” – Daily Camera

Trailhead an essential read even for seasoned trail runners…A cross between an easy-to-read pocket guide and a graphic novel, Lisa Jhung along with illustrator Charlie Layton have put together a fun, informative, and often hilarious guide [that] covers almost any and every thing that a beginning trail runner could possibly need to know.” – Colorado Runner

“Lisa Jhung explains it all for trail runners new and old. No matter if you’re a casual jogger, ultramarathoner, or somewhere in between, Trailhead will help you improve your game.” – Elevation Outdoors

Trailhead is a quick and informative read, an invaluable resource for trail enthusiasts of all types, with 264 pages of witty advice and illustrations. This compact guide is chock full of great tips that can help beginners navigate the dirt, propel intermediates to the next level, and inspire avid trail runners to get into racing or go the distance.” –

“Athletes who are a bit leery of getting their feet dirty on the trails will feel a sense of relief and motivation after reading Lisa Jhung’s Trailhead…The book covers everything an aspiring trail runner would want to know. Readers will leave informed and laughing. Comical illustrations throughout keep the reading simple and humorous.” – Triathlon Magazine Canada

“Whether you’re an expert trail runner or a newbie, Lisa Jhung’s book, Trailhead: The Dirt on All Things Trail Running has something for you. Jhung…compressed her years of experience pounding the trails into a comprehensive and handy guidebook. Trailhead is full of advice about everything from running attire to differentiating between a bobcat and a mountain lion. Other topics include trail-running etiquette, DIY screw shoes for icy runs, and nutrition tips for before, during, and after your runs.” – 5280 magazine

“You’re going to dig Trailhead by Lisa Jhung. It’s a fun and easy read…packed full of useful tips, expert explanations, and illustrations that will have you laughing out loud.” – Fit Bottomed Girls

Trailhead is a must-have for anyone who is already running trails or for someone who is just getting into our off-road world.” – Babbittville Radio

Trailhead is a must-have for anyone from human mountain goat to neophyte. It is comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and often entertaining. Most of all, it’s useful.” –

Trailhead is a book for newbies that want to know how to get started, and diehards that want to take their running to the next level. The format is fun and engaging, and the 5″x 7″ book actually looks like a trail guide. There are tons of illustrations and plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor.” –

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