Triathlon Swimming

Master Open-Water Swimming with the Tower 26 Method

By Emma-Kate Lidbury, Gerry Rodrigues


In Triathlon Swimming, the world’s leading open-water swimming coach, Gerry Rodrigues, reveals his rigorous method to mastering triathlon swimming technique.


Triathlon Swimming reveals the rewarding and rigorous Tower 26 program for mastering open-water swimming by the world’s leading open-water swimming coach Gerry Rodrigues and former pro triathlete Emma-Kate Lidbury.

Triathlon swimming is unique in its challenges and physical and mental limits. Over his lifetime of over 100 open-water swim race wins and over 30 years of coaching, Rodrigues has perfected the art and science of open-water swimming. His famed Tower 26 swimming program trains athletes in both the pool and in rough open water conditions, making triathletes and swimmers skilled, confident, capable, and fast in any condition.

In Triathlon Swimming, Rodrigues and Lidbury break down open-water swimming technique and show how triathlon swimming requires different form. From kicking to sighting, Triathlon Swimming describes the best technique for swimming in open water. This guide shares the best gear for open-water swimming, shows how to create your own effective open-water swim workouts, and shares a plan for race prep and taper.

Tower 26 offers the best open-water swimming technique. With Rodrigues’ coaching approach and Lidbury’s first-hand experience and insight, Triathlon Swimming can help you become a master open-water swimmer for faster, fearless racing.

Triathlon Swimming: Master Open-Water Swimming with the Tower 26 Method
Gerry Rodrigues with Emma-Kate Lidbury
Paperback with four-color interior and photographs and illustrations throughout.
7″ x 9″, 208 pp., $26.95, 9781948007054

Triathlon Swimming: Master Open-Water Swimming with the Tower 26 Method

Emma-Kate Lidbury, Gerry Rodrigues

Paperback. Full-color interior with photographs and illustrations throughout.

Shipping Dimensions: 7in x 9in x .75in 208pp $26.95, Inventory 9781948007054, Shipping .8lbs


1: An Introduction to Triathlon Swimming

2: The Tower 26 Training Cycle

3: Training

4: Technique

5: Breathing

6: Kicking

7: Swim-Specific Strength and Mobility

8: Mastering Open Water

9: Race Preparation

10: Athlete Development

Appendix A: Equipment

Appendix B: The Tower 26 Program


About the Authors

Praise for Gerry Rodrigues and TOWER 26

“Gerry Rodrigues is simply the best swimming coach I have met (let alone open water coach), and he was my swim coach when I raced. He has been tremendously helpful with all of my professional athletes who I have sent to see him for specific instruction and help. Any swimmer or triathlete in the LA area not utilizing his program is missing something very special.” —Matt Dixon, coach, co-founder of Purple Patch Fitness, and author of Fast-Track Triathlete

“I’ve learned a lot from Gerry Rodrigues’ methodology, and I have seen it work incredibly well! Swimming is complex in both biomechanics and training theory and application. With Tower 26, you can focus on getting the biomechanics right, because the training is very well-thought-out and planned.” —Jim Vance, coach, author, and technology consultant

“Gerry Rodrigues has to be the best and the most demanding coach. Gerry got me prepped for my first Ironman in Kona, and he took a 260-pound man and turned him into an Ironman. Tower 26 is definitely the best.” —Gordon Ramsay, chef, food critic, and triathlete

“In just a few months of training with Gerry at Tower 26, I was not only a better swimmer, but a better all-around triathlete. After my first full season, I took my performance to the next level, winning some big races and turning professional. Gerry’s overall method and workouts are structured in a way that is smart, specific, and progressive.” —Jim Lubinski, pro triathlete and head coach at Tower 26

“Gerry is the consummate professional and more than willing to share his infinite swim wisdom and knowledge. He doesn’t offer ‘silver bullets,’ rather a defined framework of volume, mechanics, prescription, presence, and accountability to get the best return on investment.” —Roger Hastie, coach

“Gerry has helped me excel as both an athlete and a coach over the past several years. He has the unique ability to spot flaws in a stroke on the individual level and correct them in an instant. His approach allows him to focus any athlete’s attention on what it takes to get faster beyond fads or quick fixes. Every workout has left me with an improved understanding of swimming and what it takes to race well. From technique to race strategy, his coaching prowess will take any athlete, whether beginner or elite, swimmer or triathlete, to the next level.” —Rad Hallman, head coach at USC Triathlon Club

“I’ve been an online member of Tower 26 since 2017, and Gerry’s influence not only on my swim progress but also on my overall triathlon career has been instrumental! Over the past 10 years of my professional triathlon career, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the top coaches in the sport, but after finding Gerry, I am certain he is the master of all things swimming in triathlon!” —Scott DeFilippis, professional triathlete and coach at KIS Coaching

“The Tower 26 season not only gets athletes racing fast, but builds them into a healthy, efficiently functioning athlete.” —Jim Lubinski, pro triathlete and head coach at Tower 26

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