Uphill Battle

Cycling's Great Climbers


Cycling historian Owen Mulholland profiles 40 of cycling’s greatest climbers.


This collection of superhuman mountain performances recounts the stories of cycling’s legendary climbers and the lesser-known riders who etched their moment of triumph into the sport’s annals. Uphill Battle revels in the themes of the human condition—from heroism, teamwork, superb athleticism, and personal sacrifice, on down the scale to jealousy, deceit, and sabotage. Owen Mulholland gives readers a roadside experience of the most memorable climbs and endears them to the legacy of cycling’s climbers. More than 40 climbers are profiled, spanning a century of the sport.

Uphill Battle
Owen Mulholland
Hardcover with jacket. Color and b&w photosections.
6″ x 9″, 296 pp., $29.95, 9781931382120

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Uphill Battle: Cycling's Great Climbers

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