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VeloNews has taken the road less traveled for its annual buyer’s guide.

Shifting away from the industry standard product review format, the 2019 VeloNews Gear Issue shows cyclists how to become savvy shoppers and choose the gear that will improve their riding the most. The VeloNews editorial team has selected more than 100 of the best bikes, apparel, components, and accessories and reveals why those products are worth the money.

“Most buyer’s guides just tell you what to buy,” said Dan Cavallari, VeloNews Tech Editor. “With our new Gear Issue, we share how and why we selected the best gear, but we also show riders how to shop smarter for this season and for next year. Our goal is to showcase great products and how to know they are worth your money.”

The VeloNews Gear Issue includes features on:

  • How to best use $100, $500, and $1,000 for road, gravel, mountain, and a home workshop.
  • Head-to-Head Bike Shootouts: All-rounder vs. endurance road and aero road, boutique vs. budget gravel, trail vs. cross-country mountain bikes, and long vs. short travel mountain.
  • Kitted Out: High-End Road, Budget Road, Mountain, Gravel, and Commuter
  • Cool / Want / Need: Lots of great new products and specs
  • Features on the rebirth of Moots and the incredible rise of Sklar.
  • See the article on What’s Inside the 2019 Gear Issue.

The VeloNews 2019 Gear Issue mails to subscribers on March 6th and hits newsstands March 19th. Single copies will be available at U.S. magazine newsstands and online on the VeloNews app, ZINIO, Amazon Kindle, Readr app, and Google Play March 6th.

If you are interested in getting more of VeloNews magazine, we have an even better offer! Subscribe to VeloNews and get The Gear Issue free!


VeloNews 2019 Gear Issue

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