Your Best Triathlon

Advanced Training for Serious Triathletes


Your Best Triathlon contains Joe Friel’s most advanced training plans and workouts for serious triathletes.

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Your Best Triathlon is a master plan that will guide experienced triathletes through every week of their season. For each phase of training, Joe lays out the path to success, outlining clear objectives and the guidelines to meet them.

Joe Friel’s highly refined training plans for sprint, Olympic, half-Ironman®, and Ironman® race distances will help serious triathletes deliver a breakout performance, even those with countless races under their belt. Joe offers a tool kit of proven workouts that will isolate and develop specific abilities. Within each workout and plan, he offers easy modifications to better manage personal limiters and improve performance.

Hundreds of thousands of triathletes have relied on Joe Friel and his groundbreaking best seller, The Triathlete’s Training Bible, to develop their own self-coached training programs. Now Joe Friel, the most experienced coach in triathlon, reveals his formula for advanced training and coaches triathletes to their best race ever.

Your Best Triathlon
Joe Friel
Paperback with 2-color charts and tables throughout.
7 3/8″ x 9 1/4″, 300 pp., $24.95, 9781934030622

Your Best Triathlon: Advanced Training for Serious Triathletes

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Part I: Your Best Triathlon
1. Your Race
2. Your Fitness
3. Your Training

Part II: Prep, Base 1, Base 2, and Base 3
4. Prep
5. Base 1
6. Base 2
7. Base 3

Part III: Build 1 and Build 2
8. Build 1
9. Build 2

Part IV: Peak and Race
10. Peak
11. Race Week

Part V: Your Next Triathlon
12. Transition
13. Your Next Triathlon

Appendix A: Annual Training Plan Template
Appendix B: Pace and Heart Rate Zones
Appendix C: Strength Training
About the Author

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“If you truly want to see just how good you can be, get a copy of Friel’s latest training manual, Your Best Triathlon.” —

“From one of the most trusted coaches in the sport, Your Best Triathlon is the culmination of decades of experience helping committed athletes achieve their best race ever. Following his plan, even mid-season as I have, I’ve found a happy medium of self-coaching and learning from one of the best.” — LAVA magazine

“Joe Friel’s new book Your Best Triathlon: Advanced Training for Serious Triathletes takes his Training Bible series to a new level of sophistication and detail. Friel writes from a coach’s perspective, tackling all race distances in a well-organized, easy-to-follow format.” — Everymantri

“Highly functional and a must read for any self-coached triathlete. A fantastic tool to place into your triathlon toolkit.” — TriMadness

“25 years of active multisport coaching has proven that Joe Friel has an unprecedented understanding of endurance sports. As a multiple triathlon world champion, I would consider Joe as one of the leading figures in triathlon coaching today. Joe’s professional approach and practical understanding of sports physiology has helped many endurance athletes of all abilities reach their full athletic potential.” — Simon Lessing, 5-time Triathlon World Champion

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