Your First Triathlon, 2nd Ed.

Race-Ready in 5 Hours a Week

By Joe Friel


Joe Friel’s guide, Your First Triathlon, will get you ready for your first sprint or Olympic triathlon feeling strong, confident, and ready for the challenge.

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Joe Friel’s guide, Your First Triathlon, will get you ready for your first sprint or Olympic triathlon feeling strong, confident, and ready for the challenge.

Joe Friel has helped hundreds of thousands of people to enjoy the challenges of triathlon with his clear and comprehensive TrainingBible method. Your First Triathlon simplifies all the principles of his training approach for newcomers who want a simple, no-nonsense way to train for triathlon. The practical triathlon training plans in this guide take fewer than 5 hours a week and will build the fitness and confidence you need to enjoy your first event.

Friel shares a 12-week training plan for total beginners as well as custom plans for athletes who have some experience in running, cycling, or swimming. Each triathlon training schedule includes realistic swimming, biking, and running workouts with options to add strength workouts. These simple plans will build anyone into a triathlete.

Friel simplifies your triathlon race day with smart tips to navigate your race packet pickup, set up your transition area, fuel for your race, finish your swim without stress or fear, and ensure your race goes smoothly from the moment you wake up until you cross the finish line.

Triathlon is a fun and challenging sport that can help you get fit, healthy, and feeling great. Your First Triathlon will help you get off to a great start in the swim-bike-run sport.

Your First Triathlon: Race-Ready in 5 Hours a Week
Joe Friel
Paperback B&w illustrations, tables, and training plans
6″ x 9″, 256 pp., $18.95, 9781934030868

Your First Triathlon, 2nd Ed.: Race-Ready in 5 Hours a Week

Joe Friel

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Chapter 1: Your New Challenge
Your Tri Goal
Race Distances
Your First Race
The Newbie
Can You Do It?

Chapter 2: Your Triathlon Lifestyle
Life as a Triathlete
It’s Okay to Stop Sometimes
Sleeping Your Way to Better Fitness
Do You Need to Lose Weight?
Getting Older Slower

Chapter 3: Your Nutrition
Fueling before Exercise
Fueling during Exercise
Refueling after Exercise
Eating during the Rest of the Day

Chapter 4: Your Support
Emotional Support
Motivational Support
Technical Support
Informational Support

Chapter 5: Your Swimming
Form–Not Fitness
Where to Swim
Fear of Water
Swim Stuff

Chapter 6: Your Biking
Dusting Off the Old Bike
Buying a Bike
Bike Fit
Bike Stuff
How to Ride a Bike
Bike Safety
Group Riding
Hills—Ups and Downs

Chapter 7: Your Running
Running and Walking
Group Running
Staying Healthy
Where to Run
Hot Weather
Running Stuff

Chapter 8: Your Muscles
Where Do I Find the Time?
Getting Stronger
Strength-Building Routines
How Much Weight to Use
Strength-Building Exercises
Strength Phases
Becoming More Flexible
How to Stretch
Stretching Exercises

Chapter 9: Your Training Plan
The Big Picture: How to Get Fit
Your Training Plan
Beginner Plan
Swimmer Plan
Cyclist Plan
Runner Plan
What to Do When Things Don’t Go Right

Chapter 10: Your High-Tech Gear
Heart Rate Monitors
Power Meters
GPS Devices
Back to the Future

Chapter 11: Your First Triathlon
Choosing and Entering a Race
Race Week
Race Day!
After the Race

Appendix A: Triathlon Lingo
Appendix B: Swim Workouts
Appendix C: Bike Workouts
Appendix D: Run Workouts
Appendix E: Combination Workouts
Appendix F: Strength Workouts
Appendix G: Checklists
Appendix H: Newbie-Friendly Races
Appendix I: Triathlon Resources
About the Author

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“Whether you’re a beginning triathlete or a seasoned pro, Joe Friel is the leading authority on triathlon training.” — Ryan Bolton, Ironman winner, Olympian

“Joe Friel’s wealth of knowledge in triathlon is astounding and he has a wonderful way of sharing that knowledge with all athletes: beginners to elite professionals. If you are looking to get off to a great start in this sport, you have come to the right place!” — Siri Lindley, Triathlon World Champion

“Any new triathlete would greatly benefit from this book, and if you were to buy just one book for your first triathlon, this would be the one!” —

“Joe does the hard work for the beginning triathlete by condensing, prioritizing, and simplifying all the science and practical experience which he has mastered over decades of coaching.” — Barb Lindquist, 2004 USA Olympic Team

“25 years of active multisport coaching has proven that Joe Friel has an unprecedented understanding of endurance sports. As a multiple triathlon world champion, I would consider Joe as one of the leading figures in triathlon coaching today. Joe’s professional approach and practical understanding of sports physiology has helped many endurance athletes of all abilities reach their full athletic potential.” — Simon Lessing, 5-time Triathlon World Champion

“With his book, Your First Triathlon, Joe Friel uses his expert knowledge to help new triathletes use the same training principles that have made The Triathlete’s Training Bible such a success.” — Gale Bernhardt, USA Triathlon Olympic Coach

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