Brooklyn Bike Snob ‘Prolly is Not Probably’ Digs The Elite Bicycle

The Elite Bicycle Prolly is Not Probably

Prolly is Not Probably is an urban bike culture blog that began its cultural commentary in 2006. John Watson, the site’s editor, feels that The Elite Bicycle is rather swell.

The Elite Bicycle Prolly is Not Probably

The Elite Bicycle TEB_96dpi_400pw_strThe Elite Bicycle brings together intimate portraits of the world’s greatest bicycle artisans, examining the philosophies, the meticulous workmanship, and the eccentric personalities behind cycling’s most prestigious brands. Their materials and methods could not be more disparate, yet their pursuit is the same: the perfect bicycle.

In chapters featuring some of cycling’s greatest craftspeople, The Elite Bicycle offers up a conversation with the men and women who make the most coveted bicycles. Lavish, oversize photographs and personal interviews invite readers into their workshops to show the melding of old-world craftsmanship with space-age materials in fascinating studios and factories that fabricate superb machines.

The Elite Bicycle is both an homage to the bicycle maker and a collector’s piece in its own right, celebrating the stories behind the greatest bicycles and components in the world.