Careful Food Timing Means You Can Eat a Wider Variety of Foods

The Athlete's Fix Pip Taylor

The Athlete’s Fix is not about restricting the foods you eat. One of the key messages of my book is that I want everyone to enjoy eating the widest possible variety of foods.

Too often, people aggressively eliminate foods as a one-size-fits-all solution to better health. It’s common to experience positive results from changing up your diet in this way, though you will not know exactly why the change is working. You might benefit even more by reintroducing some of those restricted foods to maximize variety in your diet.

I believe that there is little point in eliminating foods without reason. Food, like life, is to be enjoyed. By the same token, you want to ensure that the foods you do eat are positively adding to your ability to play, train, or race to your best ability while also supporting a long and healthy life. To identify the foods that could be to blame for the issues you face, you will need to take a more careful approach.

It may be possible to enjoy foods that don’t agree with you. Depending on how sensitive you are to your problem foods, you may be able to enjoy small portions of your problem foods.

In some cases, athletes on a smart diet may find that they are okay eating a small amount of a suspected problem food or that the timing of eating that food determines whether symptoms will occur.

For example, some lactose intolerant people can tolerate small amounts of cheese or yogurt, but eating them closer to a workout or in larger amounts will induce symptoms.

These timing situations can hold true for many other foods:

The Athlete's Fix Cumulative Effects of Some Food Intolerances


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