Inside the Pro Cycling Team Garage

Bike Mechanic by Rohan Dubash and Guy Andrews

Every professional cycling team needs a headquarters — a place where it stores everything needed to keep 30 riders on the road. At the service course there’s everything you can imagine you’d need, from spare team-bus toilets to bed mattresses and bottles of water to physical therapy supplies. There are shelves full of jam, detergent, and chamois cream. Toothpaste, beer, and bleach. It’s a bit like a bike shop mixed up with a supermarket, without any registers. Take a look.


Pegoretti crab The Elite Bicycle TEB

On the wall above the entrance to the paintshop in the premises – soon to be vacated – of the Pegoretti works, hangs a large sheet of paper, scrawled with signatures round the central motif: a caricature of the man Dario, sitting on an upturned tin tub, toasting a crab, skewered to the end of a pair of dislocated forks, over a small fire.

Cheap Tools Do Cheap Jobs

Bike Mechanic by Rohan Dubash and Guy Andrews

You cannot build a bike from scratch or service it properly without high-quality tools. This excerpt from Bike Mechanic celebrates the tools of the trade and their care.

Why Bike Mechanics Always Sit on the Back Right

Bike Mechanic by Rohan Dubash and Guy Andrews

The rules of the road are left at the start line, and the police wave you on to speeds unheard of in built-up areas. It’s pretty remarkable that there aren’t more accidents. Sometimes it’s a miracle that everyone gets home in one piece — near misses are inevitable.

Wheel Change: A High-Pressure Situation

Bike Mechanic Guy Andrews Rohan Dubash

The wheel change is a pressure situation; practice and a calm approach is essential. It’s the one time that a mechanic can really help his riders during a race. Good changes take a few seconds.

The First Bike Mechanics

Goggles & Dust

There was a time when adjusting a bike needed a lot of tools — even setting up a pair of brakes required hours of patience.

Praise for The Elite Bicycle

The Elite Bicycle TEB_96dpi_400pw_str

“The Elite Bicycle is one of the finer coffee table books we’ve seen in years. The book profiles some of the world’s greatest (and disappearing) bike artisans with shart portraits, incisive photojournalism, and keen essays.” — Outside magazine “This beautiful book is all about the bike — in exquisite, intimate, celebratory detail. This beautiful book […]

Vive la Difference with TIME

TIME carbon loom

It’s TIME (Time Sport International), maker of carbon tubing frames, pedals, handlebars, bar stems, and bottle cages.