The Good Will of Chris King

And who’s making these tough, light, finely manufactured hubs in colors for every taste? It’s Chris King.

Red Kite Prayer Offers This Book Review of The Elite Bicycle

The Elite Bicycle Red Kite Prayer

“Ultimately, what you come away with is something different; it’s the sense that you’ve spent an afternoon at the builder or company’s work space, that you’ve seen the work being done and then been left to wander on your own. You could unleash a dozen cycling photographers on the same set of subjects and very […]

PezCycling News Book Review of The Elite Bicycle

The Elite Bicycle on Pezcyclingnews

“An eccentric and entertaining book, beautifully produced with top-quality photos and amusing but informative text and a foreword by cycling-mad British fashion designer Sir Paul Smith, “The Elite Bicycle” deserves to find a place on many a cyclist’s bookshelf this holiday season.” — The Elite Bicycle brings together intimate portraits of the world’s greatest bicycle […]

Richard Sachs Is…The Bike Whisperer

Richard Sachs

“What drew me in was the combination of a beautiful sport with beautiful bikes. They spoke to me, and they were used for racing.” These are the words of the immortal Richard Sachs, one of the 29 bicycle artisans featured in the new book The Elite Bicycle.

Road Bike Review of The Elite Bicycle: “Fantastic”

Road Bike Review The Elite Bicycle

“What makes The Elite Bicycle so fantastic is not so much what is said about the people and companies themselves, but the insightful, lesser-known tidbits that provide a greater depth of understanding…It’s little gems that are peppered throughout the already rich descriptions of people and place that make the profiles spring to life.” — […]

Bicycling Magazine Chooses The Elite Bicycle

The Elite Bicycle

“While the only way to truly experience the quality and craftsmanship of these components is to ride them, the book gives an effective introduction to many of the brands we often hear about without ever fully appreciating why. After spending a few hours with The Elite Bicycle, you’ll no longer be a just a name-dropper.” […]

Brooks England Finds Itself Pleased with The Elite Bicycle

Brooks leather saddle from The Elite Bicycle

“With such a roll-call of names, the authors were certainly off to a good start…and they have managed a hugely rewarding and useful guide for any bike enthusiast. One which not only covers some of the technical aspects of production in engaging depth, but also gives great insights into both the personalities and, dare we […]

The Ira Ryan Cycling Experience

Ira Ryan Cycles handmade bicycle builder

Tough conditions? Ideal. Bad weather, long distances, challenging road surfaces? Bring ’em on. That’s the philosophy of Ira Ryan, a small, handmade bicycle builder from Oregon.

Winter: Custom Bicycles for Every Season

Winter Cycles Head Badge the plum tree

“I can work with you to help design your perfect daily driver city bike, your health conscious trainer, or your specific event competition machine.” These are the words of Winter Bicycles’ Eric Estlund.

Brooks Leather Saddles: A Cycling Tradition

Brooks logo, handmade saddle manufacturer and bicycle artisan

It all began in 1865. A simple harness maker by the surname Brooks, left his native Leicestershire town of Hinckley for Birmingham. Once he arrived, he established a business in horse harnesses and general leather goods on Great Charles Street under the name JB Brooks & CO.