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American Pro: The Red Army Marches On

American Pro by Jamie Smith AMP group smiles photo 800x530

Race tactics, low salaries, sponsorship pressure, and a chance to race at Worlds. The highs and lows of a small bike racing team play out in this chapter from American Pro.

American Pro: The Friends and Family Plan

American Pro by Jamie Smith AMP stars 1200x630

A cycling team is made up of more than just the riders. Read this excerpt to learn who else contributes to the community, health, and sanity of a bike racing team.

American Pro: Cycling’s Sponsorship Conundrum

American Pro by Jamie Smith AMP riders2 1200x630

Learn how sponsorship works (or doesn't work) in this excerpt from Jamie Smith's new book on a small domestic cycling team trying to make it in the world of bike racing.

American Pro: Dreaming Big

American Pro by Jamie Smith AMP rider 1200x630

Some teams have humble beginnings. In this first chapter of Jamie Smith's book on domestic bike racing, find out how one small team got its start.

Pros don’t maintain their bikes. What about squeaky chains?

Phil Gaimon's foolproof way to fix a squeaky chain.

What interview question are you most tired of?

"How hard is that climb?", is the question that completely misses the point.

What’s the weirdest thing about pro cycling?

Ask a Pro by Phil Gaimon book photo ASK

The whole concept of pro cycling is crazy when you think about it... Phil Gaimon gets philosophical in this Q&A from his book Ask a Pro.

Is being a pro cyclist everything it’s cracked up to be?

I’ve been racing for a long time, hoping to make it someday as a pro...

Is cycling still fun when it’s a job?

The Romans got it wrong.

Do you have any advice for uphill time trials?

Do you have any advice for an uphill time trial I’m signed up for?

I have some questions about drug testing.

Specifically: What's it like?

Why are pro cyclists so approachable and friendly?

I went to the start of a stage at the Amgen Tour of Cali­fornia this year...

Do you eat scrapple?

I’ve spent a few summers in eastern Pennsylvania, which is prime scrapple country...

Should I update my bike or upgrade to a new one?

I’ve got an old Bottecchia with a classic Team ADR paint scheme that I used to race on...

What’s Inside ASK A PRO?

Ask a Pro by Phil Gaimon

Take a peek inside the contents of Phil Gaimon's book Ask a Pro.

If You Haven’t Peed There, You Haven’t Been There

Pro Cycling on $10 a Day Phil Gaimon PC10 1000x667

Phil Gaimon recounts a hard day of racing--and peeing off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Yelling Is a Tactic

Pro Cycling on $10 a Day Phil Gaimon PC10 1000x667

I’ve always appreciated this lesson.

You Can Make Lemonade Out of Road Rash

Pro Cycling on $10 a Day by Phil Gaimon

Sometimes, crashing can be a good thing.

Saran Wrap Makes a Good Bandage

Pro Cycling on $10 a Day by Phil Gaimon PC10

Please enjoy this excerpt from Pro Cycling on $10 a Day: From Fat Kid to Euro Pro.

Why Do Cyclists Shave Their Legs?

Roadie: The Misunderstood World of a Bike Racer by Jamie Smith with illustrations by Jef Mallett

Once and for all, here’s the skinny about shaved legs, a major source of ridicule for male Roadies.

The Power of Three

Trizophrenia by Jef Mallett Pub TRIZ

Trizophrenia: Inside the Minds of a Triathlete, by nationally syndicated illustrator and veteran triathlete Jef Mallett, offers up a witty, thoughtful, and entertaining exploration of the triathlon lifestyle

Off to the Races: A Chapter from An Accidental Athlete by John “The Penguin” Bingham

An Accidental Athlete by John "The Penguin" Bingham AA wingedshoes_500px

Even though there was no hope of my winning a race, or even being among the top men in my age group, I loved the act of racing. I loved the spirit of competition.

Langst de Vaart: Riding Along the Canal in Belgium

joe parkin tulip team hero card

If I could relive one period of the past, it would be my first full season as a pro, in 1988.

Blue-Collar Racing

Joe Parkin Eurotop 400x600

We were sent home with a portable device to record our heart activity and blood pressure for the next twenty-four hours.

What’s with the Funny Shorts?

Why do bikers wear ugly jerseys? from Roadie by Jamie Smith and Jef Mallett

DUDE! Put away your junk! Why do cyclists wear those skintight, spandex shorts!?

What’s with the Funny Shirts?

Why do bikers wear ugly jerseys? from Roadie by Jamie Smith and Jef Mallett

Seriously, what is up with those ugly jerseys cyclists wear!?

How Many Bikes Does a Cyclist Really Need?

How many bikes does a cyclist need? from Roadie by Jamie Smith and Jef Mallett

The average Roadie owns eight bikes.

Why Do Cyclists Hate Riding Indoors?

The torture of indoor cycling from Roadie by Jamie Smith and Jef Mallett ROAD

Many Roadies call it torture. There are two basic designs: rollers and wind trainers. Neither one is fun to ride.

What Is a Criterium Race?

Roadie by Jamie Smith and Jef Mallett

Criterium racing is the most popular and most common format of bike racing in the U.S. Get your primer on how to watch them and how they are raced!

Chequamegon: Joe Parkin, Greg LeMond, Bob Roll

Joe Parkin Come and Gone at Chequamegon CAG

There are two types of bike racers: those who find great strength in the face of a setback and those who crack because of it.