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Pros don’t maintain their bikes. What about squeaky chains?

Phil Gaimon's foolproof way to fix a squeaky chain.

What interview question are you most tired of?

"How hard is that climb?", is the question that completely misses the point.

What’s the weirdest thing about pro cycling?

The whole concept of pro cycling is crazy when you think about it...

Is being a pro cyclist everything it’s cracked up to be?

I’ve been racing for a long time, hoping to make it someday as a pro...

Is cycling still fun when it’s a job?

The Romans got it wrong.

Do you have any advice for uphill time trials?

Do you have any advice for an uphill time trial I’m signed up for?

I have some questions about drug testing.

Specifically: What's it like?

Why are pro cyclists so approachable and friendly?

I went to the start of a stage at the Amgen Tour of Cali­fornia this year...

Do you eat scrapple?

I’ve spent a few summers in eastern Pennsylvania, which is prime scrapple country...

Should I update my bike or upgrade to a new one?

I’ve got an old Bottecchia with a classic Team ADR paint scheme that I used to race on...

What’s Inside ASK A PRO?

Ask a Pro by Phil Gaimon

Take a peek inside the contents of Phil Gaimon's book Ask a Pro.

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