Greg LeMond

Guy Andrews

Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer by Guy Andrews GLM 400x495 px

LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer presents Greg LeMond's legendary accomplishments, spanning one-day races to grand tours to the remarkable close of his career.

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Spitting in the Soup

Mark Johnson

Spitting in the Soup by Mark Johnson

In Spitting in the Soup, sports journalist Mark Johnson explores how the deals made behind closed doors keep drugs in sports.

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The Haywire Heart

Chris Case and Lennard Zinn

The Haywire Heart by Lennard Zinn, Dr. John Mandrola, and Chris Case HAY 400x600

The Haywire Heart is the first book to examine heart problems in athletes.

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Shoulder to Shoulder

The Horton Collection

Shoulder to Shoulder The Horton Collection STS 96 dpi 450x300 str

The fabulous style of the freewheeling Sixties is showcased as Jacques Anquetil becomes cycling's first true superstar.

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How Bad Do You Want It?

Matt Fitzgerald Foreword by Samuele Marcora, PhD

How Bad Do You Want It? Matt Fitzgerald BAD 96dpi 300x450 str

In How Bad Do You Want It?, coach Matt Fitzgerald explores some of the greatest moments in endurance sports to reveal new principles of sports psychology.

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Bike Mechanic

Guy Andrews and Rohan Dubash

Bike Mechanic by Rohan Dubash and Guy Andrews BM 96dpi 400x500 str

Bike Mechanic takes a look inside the daily life of the unsung heroes of the peloton, the bike techs who keep the stars riding.

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Rusch to Glory

Rebecca Rusch with Selene Yeager

Rusch to Glory by Rebecca Rusch RTG_96dpi_400x600_str

Rusch to Glory shows how one woman went from ordinatory to extraordinary—and how anyone can discover their own greatness.

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Goggles & Dust

The Horton Collection

Goggles & Dust G&D__96dpi_400pw_str

Goggles & Dust collects 100 stunning vintage cycling photographs from cycling history.

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Richard Moore

Etape by Richard Moore

In Etape, award-winning sportswriter Richard Moore weaves together the greatest stages of the modern Tour de France.

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Pro Cycling on $10 a Day

Phil Gaimon

Pro Cycling on $10 a Day by Phil Gaimon

Pro cyclist Phil Gaimon tells the improbable story of his rise from plump kid to pro bike racer.

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Eric’s Big Day

Rod Waters

Eric's Big Day EBD_96dpi_400pw_str

A little boy named Eric rides his bicycle through his village to join his friend Emily for a picnic.

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At Speed

Mark Cavendish

At Speed by Mark Cavendish

At Speed is the page-turning story of Mark Cavendish, cycling's top sprinter and a living legend in the sport of bike racing.

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Land of Second Chances

Tim Lewis

Land of Second Chances: The Impossible Rise of Rwanda's Cycling Team

Land of Second Chances is the incredible true story of struggle, hope, and the life-giving promise of redemption through the unifying power of sport.

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Reading the Race

Jamie Smith with Chris Horner

Reading the Race by Jamie Smith with Chris Horner RR

Race announcer Jamie Smith and veteran road captain Chris Horner team up to deliver a master class in bike racing strategies and tactics.

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The Elite Bicycle

Graeme Fife and Gerard Brown

The Elite Bicycle TEB_96dpi_400pw_str

The Elite Bicycle is a portrait of the world’s greatest handmade bicycle artisans.

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Fit & Healthy Pregnancy

Dr. Kristina Pinto with Rachel Kramer, MD

Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Kristina Pinto FHP_96dpi_400pw

Fit & Healthy Pregnancy reviews up-to-date research to show that exercise during pregnancy isn’t just safe, it’s ideal for health and wellness.

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Tour de France 100

Richard Moore

Tour de France 100 Richard Moore TDF100 96dpi_600pw_str

Tour de France 100 captures the drama, rivalries, and tragedy of 100 Tours.

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My Time

Bradley Wiggins

My Time Bradley Wiggins cover WIG 96dpi_400pw_str

My Time is the incredible story of Bradley Wiggins and his dominating 2012 season.

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Tom Danielson’s Core Advantage

Tom Danielson and Allison Westfahl

Tom Danielson's Core Advantage TDCA_96dpi_400pw_str

Tom Danielson’s Core Advantage offers a simple, highly effective core strength program for cyclists.

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The World’s Toughest Endurance Challenges

Richard Hoad and Paul Moore

The World's Toughest Endurance Challenges cover WTEC 96dpi_450p_stroke

The World’s Toughest Endurance Challenges profiles 50 of the most extreme marathons, triathlons, bike rides, climbs, open-water swims and other iconic endurance events from around the world.

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The Power Meter Handbook

Joe Friel

PMH The Power Meter Handbook PMH 96dpi 400pw stroke

Joe Friel offers cyclists and triathletes a simple user’s guide to using a power meter for big performance gains.

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The Time-Crunched Cyclist, 2nd Ed.

Chris Carmichael and Jim Rutberg

The Time-Crunched Cyclist, 2nd Ed. TCC2 96dpi 400pw str

Elite cycling coach Chris Carmichael brings busy cyclists up to speed with the fastest way to get fit.

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Team 7-Eleven (paperback)

Geoff Drake with Jim Ochowicz

T711 Team 7-Eleven book cover (hardcover)

Team 7-Eleven is the extraordinary story of how two Olympic speed skaters, Jim Ochowicz and Eric Heiden, assembled one of the greatest cycling teams ever.

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Slaying the Badger

Richard Moore

Slaying the Badger STB 72dpi_400x600p

Slaying the Badger is an incomparably detailed and highly revealing tale of cycling's most extraordinary rivalry: Greg LeMond vs. Bernard Hinault at the 1986 Tour de France.

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Argyle Armada

Mark Johnson

Argyle Armada 600pw ARG

Argyle Armada delivers an unprecedented look inside America's most celebrated cycling team.

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Team 7-Eleven (hardcover)

Geoff Drake with Jim Ochowicz

T711 Team 7-Eleven book cover (hardcover)

Team 7-Eleven is the extraordinary story of how two Olympic speed skaters, Jim Ochowicz and Eric Heiden, assembled one of the greatest cycling teams ever.

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The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery

Sage Rountree

The Athlete's Guide to Recovery AGR 72dpi_400x600

The Athlete's Guide to Recovery is the first comprehensive, practical exploration of the art and science of athletic rest.

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Training and Racing with a Power Meter, 2nd Ed.

Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan, PhD

TRPM2 72dpi_400x500 Training and Racing with a Power Meter

Training and Racing with a Power Meter brings the advanced power-based training techniques of elite cyclists and triathletes to everyone.

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The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga

Sage Rountree


Athletes can gain the benefits of yoga using this book of routines organized around an athlete's typical problem areas of tightness and imbalance.

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A Companion to The Cyclist’s Training Bible

Joe Friel

BIB3C 72dpi_400x600_stroke Companion Cyclist's Training Bible

This Companion updates the third edition of The Cyclist's Training Bible to make it current with the fourth edition.

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Graham Watson’s Tour de France Travel Guide

Graham Watson

GWTDF_72dpi_400pw_stroke Graham Watson's Tour de France Travel Guide

Graham Watson's Tour de France Travel Guide provides the ultimate insider's access to the world's greatest bike race.

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Training Plans for Cyclists

Gale Bernhardt

TPC_72dpi_400x500_stroke Training Plans for Cyclists

This collection of 16 training plans from world-class cycling coach Gale Bernhardt is sure to prepare cycling enthusiasts and first-time riders alike for their biggest and best rides.

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The Cyclist’s Training Bible, 4th Ed.

Joe Friel

The Cyclist's Training Bible, 4th Ed.

Joe Friel is the most experienced personal cycling coach in the U.S. and his Cyclist’s Training Bible is the most comprehensive and reliable training resource ever written for cyclists.

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Bicycling for Women

Gale Bernhardt

BFW_72dpi_400x600_stroke Bicycling for Women

In Bicycling for Women, leading endurance sports coach Gale Bernhardt addresses all the ways that cycling is different for women.

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Weight Training for Cyclists, 2nd Ed.

Eric Schmitz and Ken Doyle

WTC2 Weight Training for Cyclists

Weight Training for Cyclists is the best-selling guide for cyclists who want to get stronger to ride stronger.

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Bike Racing for Juniors

Kristen Dieffenbach and Steve McCauley

BRJ_72dpi_400x600_stroke Bike Racing for Juniors

The only book to specifically equip young bike racers for competitive racing, Bike Racing for Juniors highlights the unique needs of young athletes.

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Jamie Smith with Jef Mallett

ROAD_72dpi_400x600_stroke Roadie

Roadie is a light-hearted exploration of the world of road cycling, bike racing, and the people who love it.

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The Cyclist’s Training Diary

Joe Friel

CTD_72dpi_400x600_stroke The Cyclist's Training Diary

The Cyclist's Training Diary makes it easier than ever to record and interpret every component of cycling training.

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Bicycling and the Law

Bob Mionske, JD

LAW 72dpi_400x700_stroke Bicycling and the Law

Bicycling and the Law is designed to be the primary resource for cyclists to consult when faced with a legal question.

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Cyclocross, 3rd Ed.

Simon Burney

CC3 Cyclocross Training and Technique CC3 72dpi_400x600_stroke

Simon Burney is a veteran expert in the 'cross world and his book is the bible of weekend warriors everywhere.

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Base Building for Cyclists

Thomas Chapple

BBC_72dpi_400x600_stroke Base Building for Cyclists

Slow down to speed up. That's the basis of this groundbreaking book for the base training period.

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Heart Zones Cycling

Sally Edwards and Sally Reed

HZC_72dpi_400x500_stroke Heart Zones Cycling

Build a training plan based on heart rate for improved fitness and health.

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Andy Pruitt’s Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists

Andy Pruitt, EdD with Fred Matheny

APMG_72dpi_400x600_stroke Andy Pruitt's Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists

The world's leading expert on bike fit and cycling-related injuries offers this manual on fixing and preventing injuries.

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Maximum Performance for Cyclists

Michael J. Ross, MD

MPC_72dpi_400x600_stroke Maximum Performance for Cyclists

Maximum Performance for Cyclists is a step-by-step guide to individualized workout intervals, sound nutritional choices, and planning for recovery that will help every cyclist achieve new levels of performance.

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Zinn’s Cycling Primer

Lennard Zinn

ZCP_72dpi_400pw_stroke Zinn's Cycling Primer

Zinn’s Cycling Primer increases a cyclist’s knowledge of bike and body for faster and stronger riding.

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Racing Tactics for Cyclists

Thomas Prehn

RTC_72dpi_400pw_stroke Racing Tactics for Cyclists

Thomas Prehn helps cyclists avoid common race mistakes and ride strategically.

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Maximum Performance

Michael J. Ross, MD

MP Maximum Performance 72dpi_400x600_stroke

Ross tackles the basic principles of exercise science, training, and diet, as well as the common medical problems and overuse injuries that can prevent maximum performance.

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The Heart Rate Monitor Book for Cyclists, 2nd Ed.

Sally Edwards and Sally Reed

MN2_72dpi_400pw_stroke The Heart Rate Monitor Book for Cyclists, 2nd Ed.

Cyclists of all levels ride smart and stay fit by using a heart rate monitor.

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The CTS Collection

Chris Carmichael

CTS The CTS Collection Training Tips for Cyclists and Triathletes Chris Carmichael

Lance Armstrong’s coach offers education, tips, perspective, and motivation about improving performance for both cyclists and triathletes.

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The Heart Rate Monitor Workbook for Indoor Cyclists

Sally Edwards and Sally Reed

HRM Mon Heart Rate Monitor Workbook 72dpi_600ph

This workbook contains a full range of workouts developed specifically for indoor rides.

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The Mountain Biker’s Training Bible

Joe Friel

BIM The Mountain Biker's Training Bible by Joe Friel

Using this book, mountain bikers can create a comprehensive, self-coached training plan that is both scientifically proven and shaped around their personal goals.

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The Athlete’s Guide to Sponsorship

Jennifer Drury and Cheri Elliott

AGS 72dpi_400x600_stroke The Athlete's Guide to Sponsorship

A comprehensive guide to improving their chances for sponsorship.

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