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High-Intensity Training: Why Ned Overend Is Still Fast

Fast After 50 FAF by Joe Friel bike 600x315

In this excerpt from Joe Friel'sĀ Fast After 50, celebrated masters cyclist Ned Overend reveals his secret to staying fast as he nears age 60.

Train By Feel for a Lifetime of Running

What if you put away the devices, apps, and plans and just listened to your body and ran how you felt? Learn how letting go can free you up to enjoy your running for the long haul.

Advice for Grads: Lifetime Competitors Start Young

Leaving a team doesn't mean leaving the sport. Jonathan Beverly gives graduates 2 strategies to keep the hunger for running strong.

Jonathan Beverly to Reveal the 9 Keys to Running Fast for a Lifetime at December Events

Jonathan Beverly book events RSSH_600x315_events

Meet running journalist Jonathan Beverly and hear the 9 keys he has discovered during his interviews with over 50 of America's greatest and most consistent lifetime competitors.

Get Jonathan Beverly’s New Book FREE at The Running Event!


Jonathan Beverly Book Signing at The Running Event | Wednesday, 5:00-7:00 p.m. | ALTRA booth #1831

How to Set a PR Every Decade

Run Strong, Stay Hungry by Jonathan Beverly RSSH

Is it possible to set a new PR each decade? Well, that depends on how you set your own goals and expectations...

How to Find the Right Level of Challenge at Any Running Ability

Run Strong, Stay Hungry by Jonathan Beverly RSSH

It's important to seek the right level of challenge--no matter what your experience or ability level as a runner.

Try Joan Benoit Samuelson’s Trick to Staying Motivated and Challenged

Joan Benoit Samuelson

Joan Benoit Samuelson is one of America's most accomplished runners. Even in her 60s, she's found ways to keep her running fresh, fun, and challenging.

The Most Important Rule for All Runners: Run Consistently

Run Strong, Stay Hungry by Jonathan Beverly

There is one rule that's critical to every aspect of running: Runners must run consistently.

Great Runners Are Built, Not Born


In his brilliant new book, Jonathan Beverly discovers that great runners are built, not born. See what some of America's best runners say about how their early failures drove them to later success.

The Runners in Run Strong, Stay Hungry

Run Strong Stay Hungry by Jonathan Beverly

Run Strong, Stay Hungry features 51 lifetime competitors. See who you'll recognize and get to know a few new faces.

Chapter Summary of Run Strong, Stay Hungry by Jonathan Beverly

Run Strong, Stay Hungry by Jonathan Beverly contents RSSH

This chapter summary of Run Strong, Stay Hungry offers short overview of what Beverly discovered.