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Alan Culpepper’s Run Like a Champion Drills & Stretches Video Series

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In the Run Like a Champion Drills and Stretches video series on YouTube, Culpepper makes the case for adding warm-ups, drills, stretches, and cooldowns to your workout routine. With the help of professional runners Stephen Pifer and Laura Thweatt, Culpepper demonstrates the dynamic drills and stretches, showing their ideal form.

Run Like a Champion: How to Handle Group Training Runs

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Two-time Olympian Alan Culpepper trained alone and in groups. In this excerpt from his book Run Like a Champion, Culpepper shares his veteran tips for making the group run work for you instead of derailing your training.

Run Like a Champion: Creating Work, Life, and Training Balance

Alan Culpepper

Two-time Olympic runner Alan Culpepper shares the work/life and training balance strategies that helped him compete at the highest level--while raising a family.

Run Like a Champion: Six Steps to Developing a Psychology of Success

Alan Culpepper 400ph Run Like a Champion RLAC

Two-time Olympic runner Alan Culpepper shares the 6 sport psychology steps that helped him find running success at the highest levels of the sport.

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