Hunter Allen Updates Training & Racing with a Power Meter

Training and Racing with a Power Meter, 3rd Ed. by Hunter Allen, Andy Coggan, PhD, and Stephen McGregor, PhD TRPM3_400x500

Boulder, CO, USA — April 17, 2019 —The new Training & Racing with a Power Meter, 3rd Ed., has been updated with the latest in power technology and power-based metrics. The definitive guide to power meters by Hunter Allen, Dr. Andy Coggan, and Dr. Stephen McGregor, has been overhauled and improved with cutting-edge power-based training techniques for […]

Sport Smoothies Has Easy & Fast Recipes for Athletes

Sport Smoothies by Fern Green

Boulder, CO, USA — April 12, 2019 — Smoothies are a simple, delicious way for athletes to get the nutrients they need. Sport Smoothies: More Than 65 Recipes to Boost Your Workouts & Recovery by Fern Green offers athletes a variety of smoothie recipes that pack in the nutrients, calories, and hydration essential to athletic performance. […]

Susan Lacke Explores the Fun of Running in One Year of Challenges

Running Outside the Comfort Zone by Susan Lacke

Boulder, CO, USA — March 27, 2019 — Running offers much more than just road races and marathons. In her new book, Running Outside the Comfort Zone: An Explorer’s Guide to the Edges of Running, sports columnist Susan Lacke pushes her boundaries by taking on the wackiest, most challenging, and out-there running events to explore […]

Hunter Allen Book Tour

Hunter Allen Andy Coggan book signing Training & Racing with a Power Meter TRPM3 800x1000

Cycling coach Hunter Allen is promoting the new third edition of Training and Racing with a Power Meter.