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Racing Weight Reviews and Praise

Racing Weight RW2

See what pro athletes, coaches, and experts have said about Racing Weight and Racing Weight Cookbook.

Pro Athletes Don’t Diet, They Practice These 6 Racing Weight Steps

Racing Weight RW2 96dpi 400x600 stroke

The smartest way to manage your weight for endurance performance is to emulate the methods of the fastest men and women on the planet.

How Much You Weigh Matters More than How Much You Work Out

Racing Weight sneakers, water, towel and earphones on wooden background

You are not going to believe this: your weight is a better predictor of your race performance than how much or how well you train.

What’s Your Body Type: Cyclist, Runner, Triathlete, Rower, or Swimmer?

Endurance Athlete Body Types - Racing Weight

Each sport favors a particular body type. Which body type do you have? Is your body type ideal for your sport?

Why Are Leaner Athletes Faster? (It’s More Than Gravity)

FASTER triathlete vs forces

Research, common sense, and race experience have shown that leaner athletes tend to be faster. Why? It’s not just gravity.

Why Dieting Doesn’t Work for Athletes

Racing Weight - Running shoes and mixed fruits and vegetables on the floor

Racing Weight explains 6 simple ways athletes can lose fat without losing performance.

Holiday Weight Gain and the 8% Rule

holiday weight gain 8% rule Cookies SNEA3 RW2

Limit your off-season weight gain to no more than 8 percent of your optimal performance weight.

Breaking Down the 3,500 Calorie Myth: How We Lose Weight Matters More Than How Much

Stacked Dumbbells

When pursuing your racing weight, focus on the process, not on the outcome.

Skip the Cleanse and Detox: Start the New Year Right with a Racing Weight “DQS Clean Streak”

Racing Weight Cookbook Greena Colada Smoothie Recipe

New Year Cleanses and Detoxes Are a Hoax! Instead, Try a Racing Weight "DQS Clean Streak".

315 Pounds to Magazine Cover Model: Donald Sorah’s Weight-Loss Journey

Bicycling magazine Jan-Feb2014 Donald and Kelly Sorah

Donald Sorah went from 315 pounds to a Bicycling magazine cover model, partly through the help of Racing Weight.

Carb Up! Low-Carb Diets Can Hurt Athletic Performance

Carbohydrate restriction in many popular diets actually hurt endurance sports performance.

A New Year Means a Leaner, Faster You

Racing Weight Quick-Start Guide cover athlete RWQSG

I recommend that athletes make their winter weight fluctuations systematic by imposing an 8-percent rule on themselves and by executing a formal “Racing Weight quick start” in the New Year.

It’s True: Research Shows Leaner Athletes Are Faster

Racing Weight bathroom scale RW2

We know it from our own experience, of course, but science proves that leaner athletes are faster.

Start The New Year With Weight Loss

I think that a month of less strict eating makes it easier to eat strictly through the other 11 months of the year. But there is a limit!

Tall and Lanky vs. Small and Lean: Why Your Body Type Matters

Endurance Athlete Body Types - Racing Weight

Each sport favors a particular body type. But why?

Should You Eat Like a Caveman?


Carbohydrate restriction in The Zone Diet and the Paleo Diet actually hurt endurance sports performance.

What’s New in the New Second Edition of Racing Weight?

Here's what's new in the second edition of Racing Weight.

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