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Work In Videos to Guide Your Mental and Physical Relaxation

Recovery Boost video preview_600x337 Work In by Erin Taylor WI

Try these 4 videos from the Work IN Book Collection. Author and recovery expert Erin Taylor will guide you through breathing and visualization exercises and restorative yoga poses.

This February: 28 Days of Real Recovery with Work In

Work In by Erin Taylor WI The 28 day plan

Join the Work In movement this February with 28 days of recovery.

Stuck in Fight-or-Flight Mode? Give Your Nervous System a Break

Work IN by Erin Taylor

Daily stress and anxiety can get your nervous system stuck in fight-or-flight. Strengthening your PNS will help you to easefully manage whatever comes at you.

Meditation = Brain Training for Focus

Work IN by Erin Taylor

Mental focus is an important part of recovery and has many benefits to improve your workouts and your life.

Why Should Athletes Work IN?

Work IN by Erin Taylor

Athletes know how to work out well, but real gains come from working in—resting and recovering effectively.

Recharge Your Body with Restorative Yoga

Work IN by Erin Taylor

Optimize recovery with a different kind of yoga—one that restores and opens up your body.

How to Know When to Stop and Work In

Work In WI Lou Awareness Breath 800x800

Take a moment to stop and listen to what your body needs.

Introducing Work IN

Work IN by Erin Taylor

You work out all the time, but how much do you work in? Find out why athletes are using these mental and physical recovery techniques to get winning results.

What’s Inside Work In? A Chapter Summary

Work In by Erin Taylor WI front cover WI

See what's inside each chapter of Work In.

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