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Speed Is for Distance Runners Too

SpeedRunner by Pete Magill SR strides 800x735

Distance runners need speed, too! See why speed training can help you at distances of 5K and beyond. Sample first session included.

A Speed Training Plan for All Sports

SpeedRunner by Pete Magill SR cone drill map 800x600

Every sport that involves running has a need for faster leg speed. Learn why running coach Pete Magill created the SpeedRunner system to make athletes faster, stronger, and quicker.

Speed Stats—Which Sport Is Fastest?

SpeedRunner by Pete Magill

Check out these speed stats from a few different sports.

A SpeedRunner Breakdown of Acceleration

SpeedRunner by Pete Magill SR acceleration 800x1100

Most team sports prize the ability to accelerate over top-end speed. See why this specific speed skill is so valuable to train.

A SpeedRunner Breakdown of Maximum Velocity

SpeedRunner by Pete Magill SR hills sprints_800x640

Training your top-end speed, or your maximum velocity, is all about training your nervous system for big speed returns.

Agility—How Does Your Sport Rank?

SpeedRunner by Pete Magill SR agility graph with book cover

Agility and speed are crucial to most sports. See how your sport stacks up!