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Introduction from Spitting in the Soup: Inside the Dirty Game of Doping in Sports


Please enjoy the Introduction chapter from Spitting in the Soup: Inside the Dirty Game of Doping in Sports by Mark Johnson.

Why is doping so widespread? Mark Johnson on Red Kite Prayer Podcast


The Red Kite Prayer podcast spoke with Mark Johnson about sports doping.

To Clean Sports of Doping, Change the Culture First

SOUP Boston University Doping Sports

Boston University has just profiled BU alum Mark Johnson.

Mark Johnson on the VeloNews Podcast: Was Dr. Ferrari Right?


Was Dr. Ferrari right about doping? Is it a black and white issue? The VeloNews Podcast hosts are joined by Mark Johnson.

How the U.S. Sent Doping Underground: Mark Johnson Interviewed by VICE Sports

When President Jimmy Carter created the U.S. Olympic Committee, it sent American sports doping underground.

Mark Johnson Discusses Sports Doping at University of California San Diego

SOUP UCSD Video 800x436

Mark Johnson spoke to students and faculty at the University of California San Diego about the history, culture, and economics of sports doping.

The New Daily: Give Up on the War Against Doping

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is in crisis control. Again. Its latest fiasco concerns the Russian-based hacker outfit Fancy Bears, who have done sport a huge service, according to New Daily.

Hear Mark Johnson at UC San Diego on October 20

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson will speak at the University of California San Diego on October 20.

Hear Mark Johnson on Trail Runner Nation

SOUP Trail-Runner-Nation

Spitting in the Soup author Mark Johnson speaks with Scott Warr of Trail Runner Nation about doping in endurance sports.

Outside Podcast: The Secret History of Doping

In this episode of the Outside podcast, Mark Johnson speaks with Outside Magazine and argues that performance-enhancing drugs are hardly a new thing. Excerpt from Spitting in the Soup: Moral Drift and the American Way

SOUP-cyclingtips has republished a chapter from Mark Johnson's new book Spitting in the Soup: Inside the Dirty Game of Doping in Sports.

When American Swimmer Shirley Babashoff Claimed Her East German Rivals Were Doping, She Was Mocked


Shirley Babashoff is a two-time Olympic gold medalist — but it's the four gold medals she didn't win that stick with her the most. Forty years after her last Olympic Games, Babashoff still maintains that she was robbed by a Cold War-era doping regime that powered East German swimmers to victory over the Americans.

WHYY Radio Times Interviews Mark Johnson About Russian Doping at the Olympics


There’s a renewed discussion about doping at the Olympic Games, since a moment earlier this week when American swimmer Lilly King chided a Russian competitor who had been banned for drug use.

Pezcyclingnews Reviews Spitting in the Soup


Cycling website Pezcyclingnews offers this review of Spitting in the Soup by Mark Johnson.

PRI’s The World: Olympic gold medalist shames fellow Olympians over doping


Spitting in the Soup author Mark Johnson is interviewed on PRI's The World about Lilly King, the teen-aged American breaststroker who shamed a Russian by winning gold.

Glenn Whitney interviews Mark Johnson on Sports Coach Radio

Spitting in the Soup Sports Coach Radio

Sports Coach Radio is a series of weekly in-depth interview with world-class sports coaches, scientists and writers, hosted by Glenn Whitney.

Dr. Mark Shapiro Interviews Mark Johnson

Spitting in the SOUP Explore the Space

Dr. Mark Shapiro is host of the Explore the Space podcast, which is dedicated to discussion the gap between healthcare providers and those seeking care.

Bob Babbitt interviews Mark Johnson on doping in sports and triathlon

Spitting in the SOUP Babbittville

Long-time cyclist and author Mark Johnson came on to Babbittville to chat about his new book Spitting in the Soup: Inside the Dirty Game of Doping in Sports.

Men’s Journal: Do We Have to Accept Doping in Sports?

Spitting in the SOUP Men's Journal

Men's Journal spoke with Mark Johnson about the truth behind performance-enhancing drugs, and what it will take for elite athletes to come clean.

Mark Johnson’s Washington Post Story: “Doping has always been part of the Olympics. Of course Russia got off the hook.”

Spitting in the SOUP Washington Post

Mark Johnson has written a story for the Washington Post offering a historical perspective on the International Olympic Committee decision on Russian doping.

Should drugs be allowed at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics?

Mark Johnson Metro US SOUP

Mark Johnson says that allowing athletes to use any and all performance-enhancing drugs in the Olympics isn’t any more crazy than what comes from the current system in place.

Olympic Doping Has a 50-Year History: Mark Johnson Interviewed by Seeker

Mark Johnson Seeker SOUP

Mark Johnson says that doping culture has persisted despite nearly 50 years of efforts to weed it out.

CBC Interviews Mark Johnson: Should Russia be banned from the Olympics following McLaren doping report?

Mark Johnson CBCRadio SOUP

CBC Interviews Mark Johnson: Should Russia be banned from the Olympics following McLaren doping report?

Mark Johnson Interview on Texas Public Radio: Is Sports Anti-Doping Hypocritical?

Mark Johnson Texas Public Radio SOUP

Is there some level of hypocrisy in our official expectation of drug-free games?

New Book, Spitting in the Soup, Explores the History of Sports Doping and Shines Light on Doping in Olympic Sport

Spitting in the Soup by Mark Johnson

In Spitting in the Soup, sports journalist Mark Johnson explores how the deals made behind closed doors keep drugs in sports.

The Origins of Doping, a Chapter from Spitting in the Soup

The morning of August 30, 1904, dawned hot and humid in St. Louis, Missouri. The United States was hosting its first Olympic Games, and it was as if an oppressive blanket had been lowered over the Missis­sippi River town for a signature event, the marathon. Fourteen miles into the race, runner Charles Hicks—British-born but representing the United States—doubled over on the side of a road in what a reporter called “sweltering heat and clouds of dust.”

What’s Inside Spitting in the Soup? See a Chapter Summary

Spitting in the Soup Table of Contents SOUP_TOC_300x450px

Take a look at Spitting in the Soup, one chapter at a time.

The Hot Roman Day When Doping Became Bad

In one day, public perception of doping changed from a professional expectation to a dangerous, bad practice. Why? It was shoddy medical records and sloppy media coverage of a cyclist's death by heatstroke at the 1960 Rome Olympics.

Supplements: Government-Approved Dope, a Chapter from Spitting in the Soup

nutritional dietary supplements 800x600 SOUP

Half of Americans take dietary supplements, yet the industry is protected from federal food and drug safety regulation by Sen. Orrin Hatch and others despite studies that show supplements are often mislabeled or tainted with huge doses of doping agents. The U.S. Olympic Committee was caught up in this soup during the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games.

Mark Johnson Interviewed on WBEZ’s Worldview: Russian Doping, the Cold War, and Consequences of an Olympic Ban

WBEZ Worldview Doping and the Olympics SOUP

Mark Johnson joins Worldview to talk about the origins of doping in sports and the implications of a total Russian ban at this summer’s Olympics.

WIRED magazine interviews Mark Johnson on Floyd Landis Marijuana Start-Up


Society holds athletes to a strange double-standard when it comes to drugs and performance. “We have completely normalized doping in everyday American life,” says Mark Johnson.

Mark Johnson Interviewed on The Outspoken Cyclist: How Does Sports Doping Reflect on Us?


Mark Johnson asks and answers such questions as: How, why, and when did we become so indignant and disgusted with athletic doping? What does it say about us and our society as a whole? How have these attitudes shifted over time? And, are you certain we as a society aren’t somewhat complicit?

Red Kite Prayer Offers This 2-Part Interview of Author Mark Johnson


Argyle Armada author Mark Johnson has spent the last two years researching and writing a comprehensive look at doping, called “Spitting in the Soup,” published by VeloPress. Red Kite Prayer has been hearing about this book for a good year and has eagerly awaited its release.

Moral Drift and the American Way, a Chapter from Spitting in the Soup


The amateur ethos that still informs the Olympic sports runs counter to the very nature of sport, which demands high performance. The increasing commercialization of sports intensifies this tension—and the insidious temptation of corruption. The spirit of sport is a recent WADA invention, not an inherent quality of sport—but it’s still worth the aspiration.

Dr. Ferrari Was Right, a Chapter from Spitting in the Soup

Spitting in the Soup by Mark Johnson

EPO deaths made for good news stories, even if there was no autopsy evidence that EPO was actually killing cyclists.

This Just In! A Special Report from Doping Correspondent John Oliver

John Oliver Doping in the Olympics Spitting in the Soup

Spitting in the Soup details how doping is much more than a problem of corrupt individual athletes. Doping Correspondent John Oliver from Last Week Tonight agrees.