Smart Nutrition for Swimming

Sports Nutrition Handbook by Krzysztof Mizera and Justyna Mizera SNHAND green background 1080x1080

Smart swimming starts with a dialed-in nutrition plan. Here are some tips for better fueling from Sports Nutrition Handbook.

Maintaining Hydration

Sports Nutrition Handbook by Krzysztof Mizera and Justyna Mizera SNHAND runner color 1080x1080

Maintaining hydration is a balancing act that depends on many factors. Learn how to check your hydration levels and which fluids contain the most water.

Sport Smoothie Recipe: Coco Berry

Sport Smoothies by Fern Green SMOO Coco Berry bottle 800x1429

Try this delicious smoothie recipe from Sport Smoothies! It’s packed with vitamins and minerals and, of course, it’s hydrating.

ROCKET FUEL Recipe: Tuna Balls

Rocket Fuel Recipe Tuna Balls by Matt Kadey

Tuna balls? Yep, tuna balls. These little balls of protein and carbs are the ultimate in fanciful post-training food.

ROCKET FUEL Recipe: Hand Pies

Rocket Fuel by Matt Kadey Hand Pies

Cycling down the iconic Ruta 40 in Argentina became a whole lot tastier when my girlfriend and I discovered that the handheld pies known as empanadas make for stellar on-the-go fuel. After extensive sampling, we deemed Caprese our favorite flavor, but the great thing with empanadas, as these incarnations demonstrate, is that they are so […]

ROCKET FUEL Recipe: Hot Chocolate Recovery Smoothie

Rocket Fuel by Matt Kadey RF Hot Chocolate Recovery Smoothie

After a crisp late-fall run or a full day of cross-country skiing, you’re not likely to be craving a frosty drink. That’s the beauty of this smoothie: It’s reminiscent of hot chocolate but with the carbs and protein needed for recovery. Enjoy this free recipe from Rocket Fuel: Power-Packed Food for Sports & Adventure by […]