How to Refuel During an Event

Carbohydrate consumed during longer workouts and events can provide an additional fuel source for the brain and muscles.

ROCKET FUEL Recipe: Granola Bites

Rocket Fuel Recipe Granola Bites by Matt Kadey

Who says granola has to be served from a bowl? These little bundles of nutrients are an on-the-go way to carry your beloved hippie food. You will be perfectly happy getting lost in the woods or stuck on the steepest of inclines if you have these nearby. Enjoy this free recipe from Rocket Fuel: Power-Packed […]

ROCKET FUEL Recipe: PB&Berry Protein Oats

More proof that breakfast is great at any time of day, these make-ahead gussied-up oats are ready to help you recover the minute your workout comes to a halt. Soaking the oats removes the need to cook them, making this recipe a great option for transporting with you if you’re going to be away from […]

ROCKET FUEL Recipe: Blueberry Protein Freezer Pancakes

By thinking ahead and making up a batch of these protein-rich pancakes and freezing them, you can almost instantly enjoy a taste of breakfast for your recovery meal. Forget the fork and knife, just reheat and eat them hand-to-mouth style. Lemon zest adds a nice lemony essence to each bite. Enjoy this free recipe from […]

ROCKET FUEL Recipe: Beet Pistachio Bars

Juice isn’t the only way to get your pre-workout beet power. Thanks to a carefully planned combination of ingredients, these tender bars aren’t overly beety, making them a bright addition to your sports-nutrition plan. Taking the time to roast the beets helps coax out their natural sweetness. I’ve listed the chocolate chips as optional, but […]