An Outlandish Essay: Smile Country

Outlandish by Morgan Sjogren OUT Morgan jeep bag 1080x1080

Running through the slot canyons of Utah is just one way Morgan Sjogren fuels her wild side. Go deep into the desert in this excerpt from Outlandish.

An Outlandish Recipe: Chilaquiles

Outlandish by Morgan Sjogren OUT chilaquiles 1080x1080

This adaptation of Chilaquiles is every peak bagger’s dream. A few simple ingredients and basic cooking tools will bring the classic Mexican breakfast dish to life.

An Outlandish Essay: The Tundrathon Triple

Outlandish by Morgan Sjogren OUT Tundrathon Triple big smile 1080x1080

Summiting three mountains, persevering through an injury, whipping up a dirtbag meal—this story from the Tundrathon Triple will have you dreaming of your next alpine adventure.

What if I don’t live near trails?

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Some of us live in cities or flat areas that are less than ideal for training for hilly or mountainous trail races. What should we do about it?