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Praise for Training Essentials for Ultrarunning by Jason Koop

Training Essentials for Ultrarunning by Jason Koop KOOP 96dpi 400x500

See what athletes, experts, and the media have said about Jason Koop's book, Training Essentials for Ultrarunning.

Matt Murphy Is Our Jason Koop Coaching & Crewing Contest Winner!

Matt Murphy 600x500 KOOP

Murphy is a 43-year old ultrarunner with 10 races notched on his belt.

Enter for a Chance to Win Coach Jason Koop as Your Ultramarathon Coach and Race Crew

Jason Koop 96dpi 600px

Enter for a chance to win coach Jason Koop as your ultramarathon race crew!

Jason Koop Interview on Endurance Planet: Maximizing Your Performance


Endurance Planet has interviewed ultrarunning coach Jason Koop in this 1-hour podcast.

MEDIC! Jason Koop Shares the Contents of His Ultrarunning Blister Kit

Jason Koop's blister kit and ultramarathon first aid kit KOOP

Top ultramarathon coach Jason Koop shows us what’s in his 10-year old ultramarathon blister box.

The Top Four Training Mistakes in Ultrarunning

Are you training the wrong way for ultramarathon? Jason Koop is head of coaching at CTS and shares the top four training mistakes he sees ultrarunners make.

The Top Reasons Ultrarunners DNF

Why did you drop out of the race? What was your biggest issue? Jason Koop describes the top reasons ultrarunners abandon the race.

How to Prepare Your Ultramarathon Pacer and Crew

Your ultramarathon pacers can make or break your race. Jason Koop shows how to train your race crew.

Almost Any Runner Can Finish a 100-Mile Ultramarathon

Runners of almost any fitness level can finish a 100-mile run simply by maintaining a walking pace.

Should I Run or Power-Hike This Hill?


The accepted wisdom among ultrarunners is that if you can't see the top of the hill, you should hike it. But Jason Koop suggests a more scientifically validated cutoff pace for deciding whether to power hike or run.

Jason Koop’s 9-Step Blister Fix for Ultrarunners

Jason Koop's blister kit and ultramarathon first aid kit KOOP

Elite ultramarathon coach Jason Koop shows his proven 9-step blister fix for ultrarunners.

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