Kilian Jornet: Running Is an Art.

Kilian Jornet Run or Die English edition VeloPress ROD

Why does Kilian Jornet so often will stop to enjoy the scenery, chat cheerfully with his competitors, and stop to help fellow runners who are waylaid on the trail?

The 10 Commandments of Trail Running Etiquette

illustration from Trailhead by Lisa Jhung with illustrations by Charlie Layton TH

Trail etiquette isn’t necessarily about hard-and-fast rules. It’s mainly about good manners and courtesy. Chapter 9 of Trailhead offers handy and important guidelines about everything from who has the right of way on a trail to how to best relieve yourself in the great outdoors to how to do our part to preserve nature.

The Top Reasons Ultrarunners DNF

Why did you drop out of the race? What was your biggest issue? Jason Koop describes the top reasons ultrarunners abandon the race.

Should I Run or Power-Hike This Hill?


The accepted wisdom among ultrarunners is that if you can’t see the top of the hill, you should hike it. But Jason Koop suggests a more scientifically validated cutoff pace for deciding whether to power hike or run.