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Simon Burney is a veteran expert in the world of cyclocross and his book, Cyclocross Training and Technique, is the bible of weekend warriors everywhere.

This chapter summary offers a short overview of what you can expect to find in the book.


Race announcer Richard Fries gives some context for cyclocross over the years.


Patrick O’Grady weighs in as a cyclocrossaholic.


The author gives a short history lesson of the sport and why it can be a great alternative for both the roadie and the mountain bike racer.

1 Getting Started

Learn the basics, like how to join a club, find a race in your area, convert a bike for cyclocross, acquire a coach, and plan your season.

2 Equipment

What to look for when shopping for—or building—the perfect ‘cross bike, how to take care of your equipment, and clothing and gear you’ll need.

3 Techniques and Tactics

Learn the techniques for dismounting and remounting, running with the bike, picking up the bike, cornering, climbing, descending, bunny-hopping, and other techniques for special course conditions.

4 Training Basics

Some training principles to help you plan and prepare for your training season.

5 Training Components

Insight into indoor trainers, when and how to start outdoor training, a quick guide to weight and strength training, effective stretching, and rest and recovery.

6 Racing

Race preparation with meal tips, a race-day checklist, what to expect at different parts of the race, and post-race guidance.

7 The Role of the Mechanic

Tips for your pit crew and the equipment they’ll need, including mechanic must-haves and how to set up the pit area.

8 Looking after Yourself

How to avoid and overcome injury and illness, and the importance of good nutrition and hydration.

9 Cyclocross International

Read up on the sport of cyclocross internationally with some key players and world championship results.

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Cyclocross Training and Technique will help you improve your skills, plan your training season, and choose the best equipment for cycling’s most exciting and technical sport.