Cicli Moser

Moser, as featured in Italian Racing Bicycles by Guido Rubino

There are bicycles. And then there are Italian bicycles. Italian Racing Bicycles traces the rich history of 40 landmark brands intimately connected with racing. Enjoy this brief selection from Guido P. Rubino’s celebration of the heritage of Italian cycling brands.

The name Cicli Moser comes with a piece of history. Francesco Moser made his bicycle factory the natural continuation of a career in which he was the Italian cyclist with the greatest number of road race victories: 273.

Moser’s achievement in the hour record started a revolution in bicycle engineering and aerodynamic design.

Moser, as featured in Italian Racing Bicycles by Guido Rubino

Professor Dal Monte and his original design for the record bicycle, later made with a few modifications by Cicli Moser (note, for example, double wings on the handlebars). The shape of the wheels was inspired by the radar mounted on airborne warning and control system airplanes: not a simple disc but a slightly convex shape, more lenticular. Even so, some thought the shape had been adopted only for publicity reasons.

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