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In today’s content-hungry world, traditional media, manufacturer brands, and social media managers need content that is useful and compelling. VeloPress offers your organization access to the world’s best library of content from leading authorities in endurance sports and fitness. From cutting-edge training methods to gorgeously photographed landscapes or interesting workouts to delicious recipes, VeloPress can share world-class content that will fascinate readers or drive customer engagement with your brand.

Ways We Can Work Together

  • Republish content from VeloPress books in print media, on your website, blog, e-mail newsletter, or social networks. VeloPress content is evergreen, keyword rich, SEO-friendly—and 100% vetted, copyedited, and proofread by professional editors. Most content can include online art or photographs.
  • Share Q&A interviews with VeloPress authors on topics relevant to your brand’s needs.
  • Run book giveaway contests. VeloPress can provide book artwork and drop-ship books to the winners.
  • Repost or retweet select messages on VeloPress social media. VeloPress will amplify your shares.
  • VeloPress can provide pricing on bulk orders of books for resale online or in stores, for giveaway to your staff and partners. VeloPress can ship affordably anywhere in the world.
  • VeloPress can create custom editions of books for your brand. Customization options run from simple decals to a blown-in or printed letter from your CEO to white-label editions.

See Content Available for Republication

VeloPress prepares content from every new title specifically so we can share it with our partners, which means we have a huge library of content that is online and ready for reuse (with advance permission). We are adding new content all year, every year. If you have something specific in mind, please don’t hesitate to ask—with our laser focus on endurance sports and over 120 books in print, VeloPress has at least a chapter on almost any given topic in endurance sports!

  • Bikes & Tech Includes content from books on bike maintenance and celebrated manufacturers
  • Culture & Etiquette Endurance sports can be arcane and quirky! Enjoy guides to cycling and triathlon from Phil Gaimon, Jef Mallett, and Jamie Smith.
  • Feed Zone Draws cutting-edge sports nutrition guides and recipes from the Feed Zone Series of cookbooks from Dr. Allen Lim and chef Biju Thomas
  • Free Speed Fascinating findings from the science of endurance sports
  • Gravel Cycling & Bikepacking Nick Legan explores the top gravel grinders and bikepacking routes with profiles, dream bike setup, and hands-on how-to.
  • HIIT Fitness High-intensity training is booming because it works. See CrossFit stories and weight loss guides here.
  • History of the Tour de France Includes wonderful stories from the unmatched VeloPress cycling history library including Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer, Descent by Thomas Dekker, and more.
  • Marathon and Half-Marathon Training Drawing from the coaches of Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, these stories show runners how to find high performance with fewer injuries.
  • Master Athletes Athletes are staying fast despite advancing age. See how in guides from Joe Friel and other leading coaches.
  • Mental Training See cutting-edge content from Matt Fitzgerald, Lauren Fleshman, Alan Culpepper, and The Brave Athlete.
  • Power Meters See expert guidance from top coaches on new power meters for running and on proven power meter techniques for cycling.
  • Pregnancy & Exercise Two athlete moms (and doctors) give smart, science-based advice on exercising before, during, and after pregnancy.
  • Racing Weight Features science-based weight loss and weight management advice from Matt Fitzgerald’s top-selling books in the Racing Weight Series.
  • Recovery & Overtraining Workouts are only half the equation. Joe Friel, Sage Rountree, and Erin Taylor fill out this guide to recovery.
  • SpeedRunner Legendary coach Pete Magill shows why leg speed matters most to athletes in any running-based sport.
  • Spitting in the Soup Includes incredible stories on the culture and history of doping in endurance sports
  • Sports Nutrition & Special Diets Monique Ryan is perhaps the most experienced sports nutritionist in all of endurance sports. See samples from her comprehensive guide, science-based info on food allergies from sports nutritionist Pip Taylor, and many sports nutrition-inspired recipes (and portables) from Matt Kadey.
  • Strength Training Few athletes enjoy strength training, so let’s get the benefits as efficiently as possible.
  • Swim Speed Draws from swimming’s best-selling Swim Speed Series by four-time Olympian Sheila Taormina
  • The Haywire Heart Heart arrhythmias can end your racing career for life. See how a leading cardiologist can help you protect your heart.
  • Time-Crunched Most athletes don’t have time to train like the pros. With these time-crunched tips and time-efficient workouts, they don’t have to.
  • Trail Running & Ultramarathon VeloPress is far and away the top trail and ultra publisher with 18 books on how-to topics, personalities, and race profiles.
  • Triathlon History Enjoy pulse-pounding stories from the recent history of triathlon from the Iron War to Siri Lindley to legends of this new sport.
  • Women Who Tri Women are driving the growth in endurance sports. But why? Alicia DiFabio takes a look at why so many women are taking up endurance sports.

How to Request Content for Republication (It’s easy!)

Just email Kara Mannix at with the link to the story on that you want to republish (or your request for something else) and tell her how you plan to use the story. It is necessary to request permission for republication in advance and we do require a specific citation format for all republished content from our authors’ books.

Consider this: by working with VeloPress, you can access cutting-edge, world-class content that is evergreen, keyword rich, SEO-friendly, professionally photographed or illustrated, 100% vetted, and professionally edited—for FREE. Citing the book and author is only fair.

If your request is approved, VeloPress will provide the text, images or photographs, and the citation that is required to republish content from VeloPress books. Our required citation format includes the book title, author name, book cover art (in print and online), and a web link to the book’s page on Here’s an example of our citation format, which would display the book cover and this text citation: “Republished with permission of VeloPress from Rocket Fuel by Matt Kadey, RD. See more at”

All content from VeloPress books is copyrighted with all rights reserved. We reserve the right to deny requests for any reason and we do retain hungry lawyers with international offices who love to handle copyright, trademark, and intellectual property violations for us.

About VeloPress

VeloPress is the world’s leading publisher of books about endurance sports. Focused on running, cycling, triathlon, and swimming, VeloPress books help committed athletes achieve their goals of going faster and farther. VeloPress authors are top experts in their fields and their clearly illustrated books help athletes develop the knowledge, fitness, and skills to meet any challenge. VeloPress also celebrates the inspiring athletes and personalities of endurance sports through fascinating, in-depth memoirs and beautifully written and photographed history books. VeloPress books are available in over 40 countries and can be shipped affordably anywhere in the world.

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