Core Envy: 3 Steps to a Strong, Sexy Core

Core Envy Allison Westfahl CNV cnv_600x400_allisoncover

Are you curious about Core Envy? Check out this quick video introduction to the program by exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer Allison Westfahl. Allison shares how Core Envy solves the problems traditional abs programs ignore with HIIT cardio, functional core sculpting exercises, and a smart diet overhaul. Why not take a look?


Allison Westfahl’s Core Envy will tone and sculpt your abs, back, stomach, and sides—and build a strong, sexy core you’ll love showing off. Her Core Envy program solves the problems other abs programs ignore with a three-part approach to slim down and tone up. You’ll clean up your diet, fire up your metabolism, and tighten up all the muscles of your core without a gym or equipment. In just three weeks, you’ll start seeing results.