Core Envy and the New Rules of Sculpting

Core Envy Allison Westfahl CNV cnv_600x400_allisoncover

Core Envy breaks the “female workout code” with a radical new approach that works.

Let’s say it’s January and you’re fired up to lose some holiday weight and get in shape. Or maybe it’s April and you’ve just realized that swimsuit season is just around the corner!

If you had to decide how to get your belly looking sleek and toned, you wouldn’t be alone if you started a regimen of abdominal crunches. It seems like the obvious and logical strategy. After all, if you want to improve your abs, you should work those abs! Right?

Left to our own devices, most of us assume the fastest road to a great-looking core is to dedicate more time to working our abs. A typical visit to the gym might include 30 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes of crunches, and a protein shake in the car. Sound like a familiar workout? If you’ve been following a program similar to this for months (maybe years?) and seen little to no change in your body, you’re not alone. We’ve been programmed to think that crunches are the fastest path to a flat belly. It’s a cultural obsession.

And it’s wrong, which is why all those crunches aren’t working.

I developed my Core Envy program at several of the nation’s top fitness clubs because women were coming to me frustrated that crunches and fad diets weren’t giving them the look they wanted. My Core Envy program breaks the “female workout code” (30 minutes cardio, 10 minutes crunches, and a protein shake) with something radical that actually works.

If you take up the Core Envy program, here are the New Rules of Sculpting that you’ll follow:

  1. Don’t Waste Time with Crunches: Put simply, crunches don’t work and can actually make you look and feel worse.
  2. Burn Calories with Cardio, Not Core Work: High-intensity cardio burns a lot more calories than crunches.
  3. Burn Fat Everywhere, Not in a Few Spots: Spot-reducing fat is a myth.
  4. Overhaul Your Posture: Slouching at a desk makes your tummy stick out.
  5. Build a Strong Core: You’ll feel better, exercise more effectively, reduce pain—and look awesome.

Allison Westfahl’s Core Envy will tone and sculpt your abs, back, stomach, and sides—and build a strong, sexy core you’ll love showing off. Her Core Envy program solves the problems other abs programs ignore with a three-part approach to slim down and tone up. You’ll clean up your diet, fire up your metabolism, and tighten up all the muscles of your core without a gym or equipment. In just three weeks, you’ll start seeing results.