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Republished from Cycling On Form: A Pro Method of Riding Faster and Stronger by Tom and Kourtney Danielson, with permission of VeloPress.

Read each question and select the answer that best describes you.

1) Which occupation best suits your strengths?
A Mechanical engineer
B Hollywood actor
C Artist or creative
D Fighter pilot

2) Choose the physical makeup that best describes your own.
A Taller, athletic build, well-defined muscles, long femurs, high overall strength, gains muscle easily, sensitive to weight gain
B Shorter, muscular, small frame and bone structure, moderate muscle mass, moderate weight, smaller shoulders, low and stable center of gravity
C Small and thin, small frame and bone structure, lean, minimal muscle mass, less muscle definition, lightweight, small shoulders, fast metabolism
D Moderate height, athletic build, high muscular definition, very high overall strength, gains muscle easily, sensitive to weight gain

3) Choose the set of strengths that best defines you as a rider.
A Excels in longer, sustained TT-like efforts; powerful; favors in-the- saddle riding to develop power; prefers steadier riding overall; moderate explosive ability; prefers steady, shallow climbs
B Excels on short, explosive climbs; able to sustain high, explosive speed for longer, 2- to 4-minute efforts; strong at producing power both in and out of the saddle; prefers non-steady riding; high explosive ability; can sprint well; strong in short time trials
C Excels on moderate to steep long climbs; strong in sustained threshold zone riding; favors out-of-the-saddle riding to develop power; able to change the rhythm and remain strong
D Excels in sprints; powerful; strong at producing power both in and out of the saddle; prefers non- steady riding; explosive ability; does well in both short, explosive efforts and short, explosive climbs; strong in very short, prologue-like time trials

4) Choose the set of mental strengths that best describes your own.
A Calculated, numbers oriented, gritty, determined, resilient, long attention span, often introverted
B Adventurous, adaptable, unpredict- able, positive, intense short focus, often extroverted
C Creative, high pain tolerance, emotional, long attention span, often introverted
D Clever, aggressive, impulsive, resilient, intense short focus, often extroverted

5) Choose the set of ideal events for you.
A Events with challenging terrain, tough conditions, longer time trials, endurance focus
B Events with short, punchy climbs, short time trials, shorter races, explosive uphills
C Events with long climbs, hilly terrain, steep gradients
D Events with flat and more rolling terrain, criteriums, less selective, favorable to a larger group to arrive at the finish together

6) Choose the race strategy that you’d consider ideal in a competition against riders similar in ability to you.
A A long, hard race of attrition breaks the group down to a select few. You attack the small group you are with and win solo on flat/ rolling terrain.
B A hilly race with aggressive riding reduces the peloton to a small group. You win solo or in a sprint of a small group on top of a short, punchy climb.
C A mountainous race; you find yourself with a group of strong riders on the long final climb.
You repeatedly attack in the most difficult place and solo away from everyone.
D A flat to rolling race where the peloton or a smaller group stays together. You stay with the group and win the sprint in the end.

7) Choose the professional cyclist that you feel is the most similar to you in riding style, personality, and physical characteristics.
A Fabian Cancellara or Chloé Dygert
B Julian Alaphilippe or Marianne Vos
C Alberto Contador or Katie Hall
D Tom Boonen or Kirsten Wild

Did you mark mostly A? Then you’re a Classics TT Rider. Mostly Bs, Puncheur. If you marked mostly Cs, you’re a Climber, and D, Classics Sprinter.

[Your rider types are explained here.]

Cycling On Form: A Pro Method of Riding Faster & Stronger by Tom Danielson reveals how the pros train: by training the whole rider. Danielson shows how you can ride like the pros by training your weaknesses and racing your strengths.

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