Do you eat scrapple?

Ask a Pro Question Q Phil GaimonDo you eat scrapple?

I’ve spent a few summers in eastern Pennsylvania, which is prime scrapple country. At least once every year, I looked at the menu at a diner, realized I’d forgotten what scrapple was exactly, and then looked it up to learn (again) that it’s literally random, compressed pig parts, mushed into a loaf, and then fried, making it probably one of the worst things you can put into your body. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “pizza legs,” referring to how bad you feel at a race if you ate pizza the night before. I don’t want to imagine what “scrapple legs” are like, and I think it’s good policy for your stomach to avoid any food with the word “crap” right in the name. That said, one of my mottos is that two out of three people suffer from diarrhea, and the other one enjoys it, so if you want to try it, it’s up to you to learn which category you fall into.

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