Don’t Freeze Those Rice Cakes!

Q: When I make rice for Allen Lim’s Rice Cake recipe, I end up with more rice cakes than I can handle. Can I freeze extra rice cakes for use another day?

A: Don’t do it! Chef Biju says this won’t work; the thawed rice cakes have an unpleasant consistency. If you happen to have a vacuum sealer, you’re in luck, as they will seal up nicely. There are many portable recipes in The Feed Zone Cookbook that do freeze well, though. Biju says that any of the muffins and “most of the portables that are brown and not white colored” will hold up well in the freezer.

Here are some alternative approaches to the rice inventory problem.

  1. Grain Silo: Make a bunch of rice for the week. Put it in a covered container and let it cool. Refrigerate it and pull out the amount of rice you need for whatever you’re making that day.
  2. Rice Just-in-Time Inventory: Most Feed Zone recipes use nice, round numbers for the ingredient amounts. Simply cut them in half to suit your portion needs. This will require making rice more often, but with a $15-20 rice cooker, it’s extremely easy. Just add the rice, the water, push a button and walk away.
  3. Repurpose that Rice! A reader just commented on this post with a great idea. If you make the rice cakes and don’t eat them all, you can break them up and use the rice for another Feed Zone recipe, like Chicken-Fried Rice or another savory rice dish.

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