Dr. Larry Creswell Reviews The Haywire Heart

Dr. Larry Creswell, a leading expert on heart arrhythmias in athletes and writer of The Athlete’s Heart blog, has reviewed The Haywire Heart:

This is a book about electrical problems in the heart–the various arrhythmias.  Case, Mandrola, and Zinn are in a unique position to bring this topic to life because each has dealt personally with some form of arrhythmia.  And as long time cyclists (and perhaps with some triathlon experience as well), they’re able fashion the discussion to the avid endurance athlete.  From the medical perspective, the field of arrhythmias is rather complicated, both in terms of the underlying mechanisms of disease and the evaluation and treatment of affected patients, but here the authors have found a writing style that is captivating and accessible to the non-medical reader, while retaining much medical detail that will be of interest.  I give them credit because this is hard to do!

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