Eating Well in the New Year with The Feed Zone Cookbook

Racing Weight RW2 96dpi 400x600 stroke

Racing Weight RW2 96dpi 400x600 strokeMany endurance athletes have read Matt Fitzgerald’s book Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance. If you were successful in following that book’s chapter on eating throughout the year and avoiding holiday weight gain, you’ve gained no more than 8 percent of your racing weight through egg nog, holiday cookies, and family-related over-drinking! (Find some overviews on the 8-percent Rule and Racing Weight in this video series.)

While you may have resolved to slim down this year, perhaps using Racing Weight or the Racing Weight Quick Start Guide, it’s very important for athletes to continue to get enough calories to support their training. It’s even more important for everyone to eat real foods and avoid pre-packaged, highly processed pseudo-foods.

This is where The Feed Zone Cookbook comes in. Most of the book’s recipes include a handful of common ingredients and require just 30 minutes of prep time. Eat well in 2012 and start today with these sample recipes from the Feed Zone cookbooks.