This February: 28 Days of Real Recovery with Work In

Work In by Erin Taylor WI The 28 day plan

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Are you ready to work in?

Your athletic potential is waiting for you to say yes.


At the end of WORK IN: The Athlete’s Plan for Real Recovery and Winning Results, you’ll find The Plan: Recover For Real. It’s a 4-week, 28-day plan to help you seamlessly integrate recovery into your real, everyday life by making it a habit. And this month, we’re bringing The Plan to life in real time with #workIN28!

Our challenge to you this 28-day month is to start. Start making recovery a priority and get real about how to make it happen. This starter plan recommends a specific mental focus (meditation) and accompanying physical relaxation (restorative yoga) pairing each day to optimize your recovery all month, whether you have five minutes or 60.

Work In by Erin Taylor WI The 28 day plan


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Then join in the conversation with others this month! Use hashtag #workIN28 to share your experience, a note, or a photo about how WORK IN is helping you find your focus and relax more fully.

At the end of the month, two winners will be selected from the #workIN28 posts to get a prize pack: including a free month of Jasyoga VideoWork IN Lux Long Sleeve, and partner gifts.

If you have the book, you’ll get the most out of the plan as you use each day’s strategic mental focus and physical relaxation tools. The plan in the book also includes prompts and space for your notes to help you become more intentional and effective in your approach by thinking about what you’re doing, and why.

And if you don’t have the book, you can still test out WORK IN tactics and join in using the sample content from our weekly blogs this month!

In her groundbreaking new book, WORK IN, coach Erin Taylor gives you practical mental focus and physical relaxation tools to optimize your recovery anytime, anywhere.