VeloPress is pleased to offer free speed tips to triathletes, swimmers, runners, and cyclists on its new FREE SPEED page.

Drawing from astronautical engineer Jim Gourley’s book FASTER: Demystifying the Science of Triathlon Speed, the new FREE SPEED page on VeloPress.com will offer fascinating and useful stories revealing what sports science has to say about a variety of topics including:

  • Overheating and performance in hot weather
  • Efficient swimming vs. fast swimming
  • Cheating the wind with aerodynamic gear…and drafting
  • Running economy
  • Effective triathlon race strategies
  • Scientifically-validated pacing strategies for riding hills and managing headwinds and tailwinds
  • The myths and marketing jargon surrounding aero bikes and lightweight bikes
  • An engineer’s guide to buying a good time trial or triathlon bike
  • Using Strava as a power meter

FASTER takes a scientific look at triathlon to see what truly makes you faster—and busts the myths and doublespeak that waste your money and race times. In this fascinating exploration of the forces at play in the swim-bike-run sport, astronautical engineer and triathlete Jim Gourley shows where to find free speed, speed on a budget, and the gear upgrades that are worth it.