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Sheila Taormina

Sheila TaorminaWorking one-on-one with a Swim Speed Secrets certified coach is an excellent way to enhance the skills and techniques in Sheila Taormina’s Swim Speed Series of books. Sheila Taormina is now certifying coaches across the country in her Swim Speed Secrets technique.

The coaches listed here are certified by Sheila Taormina to teach her Swim Speed Secrets method. They are specially trained to recognize common stroke flaws that cause deceleration and weak propulsion in freestyle swimming and other strokes. They can analyze your swimming technique in person or by video to give you insightful feedback on your technique and guidelines to make real improvements to your swim speed.

Contact a local Swim Speed Secrets certified coach!

Ali Meeks in Decatur, AL | |

Bob Seebohar and eNRG Performance coaching staff in Littleton, CO | |

Masumi Yoneyama in  Chicago |
Christine Schirtzinger in St. Charles |

Sydne Didier in Amherst | |

Lynne Anklam in Mason and Oak Park Triathlon coaching staff (Rebecca Ceru, Sarah Goad, Amy Hinkle, Craig Tait, Chris Sharrock, Michelle Snitgen) |
Kathy Coffin-Sheard in Traverse City |

New York
Reem Jishi in Skaneateles | |
Sam Sampere in Syracuse |

North Carolina
Sami Winter in Wilmington | |

Pennsylvania/New Jersey
Debbie Kassekert in Philadelphia/Cherry Hill, NJ |

Angela Smith in La Crosse | |

If you would like to become a Swim Speed Secrets certified coach, please email VeloPress for more info.