Good story on being reported on here in Boston at the NPR affiliate. From Martha Bebinger’s piece:

Or the $5 that nudges Ben Rubin out of his desk at the start-up Change Collective to the noon workout at CrossFit Southie, in Boston.

“There’s a bunch of warm-up, we did some strength tests beforehand, and then 15 minutes of basically hell,” says Rubin in a break between deadlifts, push-ups and squats with a medicine ball.

Dropping in and out of hell pays off.

“It helps me get stronger, helps me have more energy, helps me maintain a good weight and look good,” Rubin says. 

And he takes $5 off his health insurance deductible for every 30-minute workout. Rubin has to be at a GPS-confirmed gym or connect through a device like Fitbit. If he does not exercise three times each week, Rubin will lose $5 for every workout he misses. That’s the pact Rubin signed, and offers his employees, through a company called Pact Health.

Read the full story here.

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