Get Your RPM2 Power Meter with This Introductory Discount Offer

RPM2 power meter insoles

RPM2 power meter insolesRPM2, one of the leading power meter manufacturers, has announced an introductory discount on its footbed-based power meter for runners, cyclists, and triathletes. The first 500 customers to purchase an RPM2 power meter will enjoy a special price of $399 (see coupon code below).

As one of his power meter partners, RPM2 worked closely with Jim Vance while he developed his book Run with Power.

“We are eager to see the final product of coach Vance’s upcoming book Run with Power, ” said Keith Hill, RPM2 Retail Sales Manager. “We are excited about Jim’s book and how running with power will revolutionize the way athletes train with power, similar to what has been seen with cycling power meters. Additionally, RPM2 now affords athletes the ability to measure and train with power, both off and on the bike.”

Order your RPM2 power meter and receive a signed copy of Jim Vance’s Run with Power book before this limited offering ends. To secure your $399 price, RPM2 is providing the following customer code: RPM2POWER (all caps) at

Run with Power by Jim VanceRUN WITH POWER is the groundbreaking guide you need to tap the true potential of your running power meter.