Gravel Cycling Is Packed with Good Advice on Races and Routes

Joe Meiser from Salsa Cycles in GRAVEL CYCLING by Nick Legan

Nick Legan’s new book, Gravel Cycling: The Complete Guide to Gravel Racing and Adventure Bikepacking, shares everything you need to know to enjoy gravel cycling and bikepacking. From event profiles to dream bike set up, route planning to gear selection, Legan brings his experience as a ProTour bike mechanic and dedicated gravel junkie to this guide. Filled with beautiful photographs that will inspire you to ride unpaved, Gravel Cycling is your best resource for gravel grinders and multi-day adventures.

In his guide, Legan profiles 18 gravel grinders and 9 multi-day bikepacking routes. Let’s take a look at the races, routes, and riders giving guidance and good advice in Gravel Cycling.

Gravel Cycling profiles these 18 gravel grinder events: 

Includes complete profiles, tips, and gear set-up for favorite gravel races and events: Almanzo, Barry-Roubaix, Crusher in the Tushar, Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnée, Dirty Kanza, Dirty Reiver, Grasshopper, Gravel Fondo, Gravel Roc, Gravel Worlds, Great Otway, Grinduro, La Gravel66, La Résistance, Land Run, Pirinexus 360, Rebecca’s Private Idaho, Trans Iowa.

Legan overviews these 8 bikepacking routes: 

Offers route guides to favorite multi-day bikepacking routes: The Arizona Trail, The Colorado Trail, Denali Highway, Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Towpath, Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, Katy Trail, Oregon Outback, and Trans North California.

Gravel Cycling includes interviews, gear selection tips, and other good advice from bikepacking pioneers, event producers, and consistent performances at gravel races: 

Adam Bergman, Jordi Cantal, Miguel Crawford, Jim Cummins, Ali Deane, Paul Errington, Stephan Geiss, Greg Gleason, Corey Godfrey, Yuri Hauswald, Ted King, Sam Maffett, Mac McCoy, Joe Meiser, Meredith Miller, Austin Morris, Ross Muir, Eric Parsons, Rick Plite, Sylvain Renouf, Matt Roy, Rebecca Rusch, Frederic Salomone, Neil Shirley, Chris Skogen, John Stamstad, Mark “Guitar Ted” Stevenson, Burke Swindlehurst, Barry Wicks, Lael Wilcox, Bobby Wintle, Mackenzie Woodring, and Tyler Wren.