Gravel Cycling by Nick Legan GC 600x500Head out for adventure on the unpaved back roads of America with Nick Legan’s complete guide to gravel grinders and bikepacking! 

In Gravel Cycling: The Complete Guide to Gravel Racing and Adventure Bikepacking, accomplished gravel cyclist Nick Legan shares his love of this unique style of riding as well as a complete guide on preparing for your own adventures off the beaten path. Readers will see Legan’s favorite gear, tips for modifying your bike or shopping for a new one, and profiles of iconic races and routes.

Legan has selected some of his favorite online videos of gravel grinders (timed group rides) and adventure cycling (self-supported, multi-day trips).



Dirty Reiver (1 minute)


Grinduro (4:38)


Tour Divide with author Nick Legan (3:30)


Wyoming’s Red Desert Great Basin (4:53)


Colorado Trail Race (530 mile trail ride, video is 30 minutes)

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