Hansons First Marathon From Scratch Training Plan Workout Error

Hansons First Marathon HFM_400x595

We made a mistake in Hansons First Marathon! We’re sorry and we’re going to fix it. We have several pairs of eyes on our books during the editing and production process, and yet, the occasional error still makes it through to the printing press.

The Error

In the first printing of the printed book, the last week of the From Scratch Training Plan (p. 114) shows the Week 18 Wednesday workout calling for a 17-mile run, which is incorrect. The workout should not be a Tempo workout and it should not be so long.

How We Will Fix It

This error was corrected before the e-book edition was released. We will fix the error in the next reprint. Here is the free downloadable pdf of the corrected page 114.

The Correct Workout

It is an Easy workout, as follows:

  • 6 mi. easy with 3 x 2 min @ MP
  • Those 3x2s are simply meant to encourage a bit of leg turnover in your 6 miles. Total mileage is 6 miles.

Again, our apologies. Best of luck with your training!