Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners

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What do you get for the runner in your life this holiday season? Here are some books that will make excellent gifts for any kind of runner.

For the competitor:

A no-nonsense, focused guide to 5K training and race prep, runners will get Pete Magill’s world-class advice, practical tips, and four training plans to choose from.

For the lifelong competitor:

Jonathan Beverly taps 50 lifetime runners—from America’s elite to consistent local competitors—to reveal the 9 keys to running strong and staying fast for a lifetime.

For the New-Year-New-You:

A practical tool for understanding, fixing, and rebooting a diet, this 90-day playbook will turn diet and lifestyle wishes into achievable goals and real changes.

For the planner:

The best-selling running journal from Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas is now in blue and gold—with pages of inspiration and space to plan, record, and track the running journey.

For the shoe geek:

A fascinating look at running shoe culture, brands, and hype, this book pays tribute to the industry’s most noteworthy kicks—with entertaining stories from an industry insider.

For the beer lover:

50 craft breweries paired with 50 trails for hiking, running, or mountain biking make this a refreshing way to discover colorful Colorado—and an excellent gift!

For the reader:

Laugh alongside author Susan Lacke in this wild and fun foray into the many different ways of running that push the boundaries of comfort and norm.

For the adventurer:

Trail runner and writer Morgan Sjogren shows how outdoor adventure can become a lifestyle with personal stories of exploration, flavorful backcountry recipes, and stunning photos of the Southwest.

For the strength-builder:

Jay Dicharry’s rewired program combines the best of real-world coaching and a physical therapy approach to strength and mobility for better running.

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