Holiday Gift Ideas for Swimmers

VeloPress 2019 holiday swimming gifts with lights 1080x1080

What do you get for the swimmer in your life this holiday season? Here are some books that will make excellent gifts for any kind of swimmer.

For the pool user:

50 swim workouts and drills to build freestyle speed are packaged up in waterproof cards that can be used right at the pool.

For the New-Year-New-You:

A practical tool for understanding, fixing, and rebooting a diet, this 90-day playbook will turn diet and lifestyle wishes into achievable goals and real changes.

For the freestyler:

Sheila Taormina’s masterful guide to faster swimming examines the technique of the world’s best swimmers and uses underwater photography and a new grid-analysis tool.

For the nutrition-minded:

Sports nutrition is explained in everyday language in this handy reference guide to the most frequently asked questions and most important concepts.

For the breaststroker, backstroker, or butterflyer:

Swimmers can learn elite technique for all four swimming strokes to become a stronger and faster swimmer in any or all strokes.

For the smoothie lover:

Athletes can try more than 65 smoothie recipes to get the nutrients they need—with flavorful recipes that only take 5 minutes!

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