How a Tornado Can Help You Develop a Better Feel for the Water

Swim Speed Workouts Standing Scull or Tornado Drill Video SSW

When we visited Sheila in Colorado Springs while she was coaching the Marines during the Wounded Warrior Games, one of the Marines walked up to her on the pool deck with a camera in his hand, and said, “Hey, Sheila! Do that thing you did the other day!”

She hopped in the water and started sculling. In a few seconds, she had these big vortices rising off each hand. That’s when we started this video.

Since then, we’ve tried it in the pool several times. Let’s just say that Olympians definitely have a superior feel for the water! Our tornadoes are about half this size and require twice as much energy. Still, it’s an easy and fun little drill that, over time, seems like it can make a difference.

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