How Hit Reset Redefines “Balance” for Athletes

HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor jasyoga

HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor jasyogaKnowledge Is Power.

Your body is engineered for balance. The more you understand the way it is designed to work, the better equipped you will be to sustain equilibrium. So how does Hit Reset define “balance”? Let’s take a look.

1. Strengthen Your Weaknesses: Hit Reset is designed to complement and optimize your training by keeping your body in balance. When you think about how you’re using your body in your sport, it’s likely that you’ll need to strengthen certain areas and stretch others to help mitigate your imbalances.

2. Balance Your Training: Balance applies to your approach to training as well. At certain times in your cycle it will make sense to work harder, and other times you’ll need more rest. Athletes should use Hit Reset in support of everything else they have going on, to alleviate stress rather than add to it. Begin by diving into whichever area of your body is calling out to you most loudly. And if you have multiple pain points, start from the ground (your base) and work your way up. The self-tests found throughout Hit Reset are a great monthly (or as often as needed) check-in, designed to help you stay aware of where you’re at. Our perception of alignment and balance doesn’t always match reality, so it’s important to reassess regularly, especially with trouble spots.

3. Work Your Game Plan: Use the Hit Reset worksheets to create your own personal Game Plan for finding balance. By dedicating a few moments to write out personal goals and record your progress. Thinking about what you’re doing and why gives you the motivation to sustain your effort and ultimately achieve your goals. Once you have found the Reset solution to your imbalances, continue to revisit the routines. There is no such thing as TOO much balance – the more the better!

HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor jasyoga4. Mental Reset: Athletes are quick to address physical imbalances as they come up because they inhibit our ability to perform, but you can do hit reset mentally, too. The Breath & Mental Focus section of Hit Reset addresses how we can strengthen the mind to recover faster and perform better. The mind and body go hand-in-hand. It doesn’t matter how fit you are if you can’t keep your head together and stay focused especially at game time or on race day. The same is true when it comes to recovery: if you can’t relax, you can’t recover. Incorporating the breathing and mental focus routines will help you to more easefully manage whatever comes at you, making you a much more resilient athlete.

5. Training vs. Real Life: Let’s say you’re pressed for time. Like, REALLY pressed for time and you’ve only got 5 minutes for a warm-up and cool-down to each workout. How can Hit Reset help you in just 5 minutes a day? Well, you can prioritize with these pre- and post-workout resets:

Pre: Activate your core and the muscles that are most intimately involved in your movement pattern. For example, runners will benefit greatly from waking up the glutes and hip stabilizing muscles.

Post: Ease the key muscles you’ve just worked with targeted stretching. Looking for extra credit? The yoga post Legs Up the Wall is your best friend!

Remember when you are crunched for time, anything is better than nothing. Doing just one pose from Hit Reset will make a difference.

6. Hitting Reset at Work: You can do yourself a little good even at your desk job. Office chair got you down? Hit reset throughout the day to maintain balance:

The self-tests in the core and shoulder chapters of Hit Reset are extremely relevant and easily applied to daily life. Think about where your spine and shoulders are and really focus on finding neutral alignment all the time!

The one thing readers should take away from Hit Reset: Balance equals winning at sports and life.

Gain balance, strength, and mobility with Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga For Athletes by Erin Taylor. The HIT RESET approach uses yoga to solve the specific problems you face as an athlete. Her revolutionary way to do yoga can improve functional strength, flexibility, muscle recruitment, breathing and focus, core strength, and durability.